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Monday, October 18, 2010


Hiya, folks!

Sorry I haven't been around much. It is the same ol' excuse... kids, work, blah blah blah. I'm going to try and get better - Promise.

I took some time out this weekend to do something I love. I went on a ghost investigation.

It was at a house at the base of a mountain in North Georgia. The couple have only lived there since February, but have been having issues the entire time. Shadows, wispers, little girl singing, and other claims were what we were looking for.

Not much happened. I can tell you their hallway and spare room were ultra creepy. At one point, another investigator asked a question and chills went up and down one side of my body. We were standing next to one another and she got chills on one side of her's too. The funny thing was, it was like the chills were in between us. My right side was warm as was her left side. It was freaky!

I went into the spare room with another investigator (the couple uses the room as storage not a bedroom) and there was a stereo on a table. It was on. People, they don't use this room for anything. I went and asked the couple if it should be on and they genuinely looked startled. They said no, and that no one goes in there. I went back to talk to my partner and he was a little freaked... it hadn't been plugged in. I tried to plug it into the wall and had to move the table then push extra hard just to plug it in. If it had been plugged in, it would've taken more than a little tug to unplug it. Now, we don't know if it was barely plugged in or not, but when we tried to replicate that to make the stereo turn on, it wouldn't do it again.


In another room - the master bedroom - I was sitting on the bed with my right leg propped on the bed in front of me and my foot hanging off the edge. The couple recently lost their German Shepherd, Prince, under mysterious circumstances. One minute he was fine and the next he was having seizures and passed away. I asked if this entity was the one that hurt Prince. Before I could get the entire question out, it felt as if I got pinched or scratched right along my ankle. I started saying "owowow" and my partner asked what was wrong. He handed me his flashlight to see if there were any marks, and, dang it, there were not. I wanted proof that something had done that to me.

I was a little freaked.

We saw shadows. We heard murmuring. Our motion detector went off once when no one was in they hallway.

All in all, a pretty good investigation. The still pictures we took show nothing, and the crew is still reviewing the voice recorders and video. I wish we had caught more, but what I felt and saw was pretty cool.

I'm ready for another one!

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