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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Celeb Sighting

One afternoon in Orlando we stopped at Hooters for lunch. Because J-man likes the wings.... yeah... that's why.


While deciding on what to order, I noticed a group of folks getting ready to leave. There were two guys, two women and a couple kids.

One of the guys looked familiar. He was a big guy... tall and heavy set. He had dark hair and a slight beard. I thought, "Dang. He looks familiar. Where do I know him from?" I kept watching as he walked by and then it hit me.

It was Joey Fatone.

I pointed at him and said loud enough for our table, "Holy cow! That is Joey Fatone."

Blank stares.

Then someone said, "Really?" Then, "Nah."

I kept saying, "I swear that was him!"(At this point his party was walking out the door.)

Then a waitress came up and said "Joey Fatone?" and I said "YESSSS! I knew it was him."

I felt satisfaction that I recognized him even though NO ONE was impressed at my table.

He was cute. Bigger than I thought.
Oh well.

Carry on.

2 comments: said...

Awww, he is such a cutie. And he seems like a nice guy too.

And I understand Hooter's does have really good wings :D

Coffeypot said...

Who's he?