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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My day

It is my birthday. I'm going to take a half a day from work and spend it doing the three things I love:

1. Drinking coffee - I won't do this ALL day, but will definitely imbibe a time or two.
2. Playing World of Warcraft - Carl and I recently started playing (kids too). I have one character I am trying to level up so today is the day. No distractions, no kids or hubby clamoring to play... just ME ME ME!
3. Watching Lost - yes, this comes on later tonight, but what a wonderful birthday present!

Loving on the pugs, getting kisses from the family, and eating Brinner tonight will make it a perfect day.


SkippyMom said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Hope you have a great Birthday sweetie. Wish I was there [promise to not want to play WOW or talk while you do. lol]

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Marni! Have a fantastic day. Enjoy it and don't miss LOST due to too much WOW! :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Marni!! Enjoy your fun activities and I'll be right there watching Lost too : )

comebacknikki said...

Yay! Happy birthday, girl! :)

clew said...

Your b-day is Feb 9? I'm Feb 2. Yay, Aquarians!