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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"I hate you had to see me like that"

Oh, where to begin?

I had to keep reminding myself that this was the first Lost episode of the season; that the answers would continue to come. But within the first 20 minutes, I was shaking my head and thinking WTH? What is going on?

I didn't totally disconnect from my phone last night either. I had to tweet (on Twitter for those that don't know the term) and I had to read what others were thinking. As I go thru my recap, I'll put what I twittered in quotes.


  • Did it really work? Jack and a few others were on the plane... and yet they are on the island too.
  • "20 minutes into Lost and I am already so effing confused."
  • I just do not understand how they can be in two places at once.
  • Jacob is freakin' HOT
  • Sawyer is so awesome... and Josh Holloway really deserves an award for his acting. I was nearly in tears when he was talking to Juliette... he really loved her
  • And he had to get Miles to talk to her from the grave? How creepy was that??? And all she said was "It worked"? Well, duh... but how do you know that from laying at the bottom of a hole?
  • Where did Desmond come from/go on the plane? Made no sense to me.
  • I still love Rose and Bernard. They are the cutest couple... but now that she is off the island, will her cancer return?
  • That smoke monster was freakin' awesome! But what is it with the ash that keeps him away? When he decimated those guys in one swoop - so cool. And then to realize it was the new LOCKE!! OMG!! (and that, my friends, is where the title of this post comes from.)
  • Ben... oh, Ben... what is going to happen to you now? One minute you are almost a sniveling idiot and the next you are trying to be all tough again with Richard. Dude... you are NOT in control any more!
  • "'lets not resort to name calling" via Locke/Smokey'" - I love the new Locke and he is really being nasty.
  • Hurley sees another dead person, and he is starting to accept his ability. I'm glad he listened to Jacob and took Sayid to the new temple.
  • Another set of "others" and they all look like hippies? What is going on?
  • "Is this Lost or an Indiana Jones movie?" - i said that because they are at a Mayan temple like place. Everyone is dressed like the bad guys in that movie. Drives me nuts that there is another freakin' group to get used to... and one guy says English tastes bad on his tongue... ummm... hello?
  • Why did they try to drown Sayid? and what did they mean by it when they said something to the fact that if he died they would all be in trouble?
  • "So now the fate of the world lies with SAYID? WTH?" I thought it was Ben... or Locke... or Jacob that had that responsibility.
  • "Soooo will everyone back on the island have to die so dopplegangers can live?" - Juliette died, but she was already on the island. I was just wondering how they can correct it so that there is only one Jack, Kate, Sun, Jin, etc. Will they all have to go back to Sydney and get the plane to crash that way?
  • "Ohshit... Hurley is wearing a red shirt!!!" - in the land of Lost, if you have on a red shirt you are DOOMED... and when Hurley walked in wearing one I nearly wept. They can't get rid of him! He is the humor and straight one of this crew.
  • Lots and lots of jears tonight!
  • Jin was back to his a$$-holey ways. I like him so much better as island Jin.
  • Loved the conversation between Locke and Jack in the airport. The actually liked each other - of course it was supposed to be the first time they met. And then Jack gives him a card to consult Locke about spinal surgery? Cool.
  • "Where is Shannon and Claire? What about Anna Lucia and Libby?" - they were all on the original flight, but not on this one. At first I thought it was because if you died on the island, you didn't get this second chance, but then...
  • It felt so good to see Charlie again. I really got misty eyed. He was one of my favorite characters.
  • I like Kate as a criminal. She is a smart cookie.
  • Aaaaand then we see Claire in the cab. Why didn't we see her on the plane? Is she still preggers with Aaron?
  • It really is bugging me that Shannon wasn't on the plane with Boone. Where did she go?
  • Sayid is RISEN. What the heck does that mean? Is he now going to live fo-evah like Richard? The island has saved him so does that mean he is linked to it and cannot leave?
  • After seeing the two "lives" of each person, I think I would prefer they stay on the island. Kate on the run, Charlie in jail, Sawyer conning folks again and not finding love, Jack doing whatever he does, Locke back in the wheelchair and feeling sorry for himself... yeah... island life was much better.

I just don't think I can go on for now. There was so much happening in the first episode. No big questions were answered - except what was in the guitar case and THAT was a huge let down - An ankh with a piece of paper hidden in the middle? I could have come up with something better than that!

Oh well... I am just THRILLED the show is back on. And yet sad that it is the last season. I plan on savoring every moment.


SkippyMom said...

As I have told you a hundred times I don't watch I just love to read your recaps and you did not disappoint! I can see how you would be confused [I am! Hey!] but I would think with each passing episode it will get easier, eh?

Glad you enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Have fun at the water cooler today :D

whatevergirl said...

Hey! Its Michele...I forgot my password after I typed you this LONG comment about LOST! So I had to go create a new account just to tell you that I am REALLY disappointed with LOST. I watched about 20 minutes. There was WAY TOO much flippin' blood and gore! It has become like every other show on t.v. with everybody shooting each other...VERY depressing!! They did not have to resort to that...I have the first 2 seasons on DVD. I may have to go watch those to return to the show that I LOVED!