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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Can I? Please?

Can I please kill the cat.

Lily is driving me insane with the tree and the presents. It is like a magnet pulling her under there. We constanly hear the jingle jingle jingle of the ornaments, and the rasp of paper as she walks on all the presents.

Little noises send me over the edge normally, so you know this is driving me INSANE.

I'm afraid she is chewing on the wrapping paper, too! The presents will be unwrapped before the big day arrives!

I had one more present to wrap last night and the tube of paper I wanted to use was unusable because of the claw marks. She and Jasmine decides to sharpen their claws on that particular roll. GAH!

This picture is of both girls before we put the presents out. Lily is under the tree and laying against the wall. Jasmine is in front of the tree (not UNDER it you see - good girl!) and telling her "Look... I've been thru this before. It isn't a good idea to hang out under there. Mom is going to kick your furry azz! You bettah move it, sistah!"

She just doesn't listen.

1 comment:

CindyDianne said...

I had a cat at Christmas once. ONCE!

(actually, he was around for several years and finally learned. I totally feel for ya on this one)