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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Walmart Cassanova

Carl, the kids, and I went to Walmart to get our snacks to take on the trip to Texas. Beef jerky for J-man, pretzels and trail mix for me, nilla wafers for Carl, and rice krispie treats for Bug... among other things.

As we were getting in the checkout lane, Carl overheard someone say "ooooh, he is FIIINE"... thinking someone was talking about him (HAHAHA!) he looked around.

There were three girls around J-man's age staring at J-man. They couldn't keep their eyes off of him.

We got deeper in the line and they cruised past us two more times, each time sneaking a look at my oldest kid. At one point they actually stopped and stood at the end of the line with their backs to us, but coyly looking over their shoulders.

They were trying SO HARD to get J-man's attention.

Carl pointed it out, but J-man is so shy, he just did his little goofy "yuh-huh" laugh and slapped his dad. He turned beet red and started rocking from foot to foot. He was embarrassed!

It didn't help that Carl kept saying "they like you!" J-man would say NO! and slap his dad on the shoulder again.

Once we got in the car, I told J-man all he needed to do was raise his chin in the "how YOU doin'" gesture and those girls would have gone insane. He just told me "Nah. I had to play it cool."

Yeah right... chicken shit.

But it was sooooo wierd to see girls acting that way over him. I know his is cute, but I really didn't know if girls his age thought so too. Kinda cool.