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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heeeeey, hey babeh

This was always my favorite part of Dirty Dancing. I love the chemistry between Johnny and Baby... and this particular scene makes me smile and tear up.

I am going to miss Patrick! What a true gentleman and wonderful soul. I'm happy he is finally out of pain and at peace. My heart goes out to his wife of 34 years, Lisa. (Truly a lifetime in Hollywood standards)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Swayze. You brought many laughs and tears to this fan.

And, yes, I'll be your girl. (Just 'cause you wanna know)


Becky said...

I love that movie to this day and the music too! He will be missed by so many. He was so talented!

Patty said...

I was so sad to hear of his passing yesterday. He was a great actor. I could watch dirty dancing over and over, and also loved him in ghost..He will truely be missed.

ccw said...

I love this movie!