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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cut. It. Out!

See this darling, sweet, precious little kitty?

I am going to KILL her.

The past week or so, she has started coming into our room in the middle of the night and meowing at the TOP of her lungs. This doesn't last for a minute or two. Oh no! Not Lily the Over Acheiver. She does this for well over an hour.

Even after Carl and I chase her out of the room (she comes back)... throw a shoe at her (she gets under the bench and continues)... or pick her up to love on her (she wants more).

She has everything she needs - food, water, clean litter.

SHUT IT, Lily!

The other night I got up while she was in the throes of her cries and found one of J-man's rubber snakes at her feet. I thought she was bringing me a gift and asking for approval so I thanked her, loved her up and put her back down on the floor.

She was calm for a minute or two, then she jumped on the bed with a muffled mew. I looked and she had the rubber snake in her mouth and had brought it up with her. I am so glad I knew it was fake.

I can understand her doing it on weekends when we sleep in. She is a creature of habit and waiting until 7 when she is used to getting attention at 5 is a big deal for her. She starts around 6:30 trying to wake us up with the cries and the head butting. But this? Every night?

What could be wrong? How can we get her to stop!?! Don't say shoot her... trust me, Carl has threatened that. (He wouldn't do it)


SkippyMom said...

I feel your pain. I am sure she is spayed, but other then her not being spayed and being in heat I cannot think of a thing that would make her act like this.

Just remember she luuuuvvvvvs you :)

Marni said...

Yep - she is fixed. We don't know why she does it. It is like she wants us to get up and play -- like a toddler.


Carl hit her with a towel last night. She yelled at him for a second and then I chased her out of the room. She stood in the hall and cried for about 5 mintues, but she didn't come back in until the alarm went off.

coffeypot said...

Have you tried a hammer in the head. I hear that works wonders.

hoshi said...

daisy will often bring toys to me, meowing all the while. it's a sign that she wants to play. ^_^

any chance you could get jman or bug to pay more attention to her? if she gets at least 15 minutes of play time every day she might relax a little.

oh, and this is steven's wife. ^_^ i go by "hoshi" online though. been using that name for years. *grins*

Biddie said...

I can't think of anything either, other than more play time. Our old tabby is 15, not frisky at all, but he still meows his face off sometimes.(He is fixed too)
I always say that he needs to be purred. :)

ccw said...

Hopefully it is just a phase and one that will end very soon.

I have no idea what it could be since she is spayed. Is her behavior in character during the day? If it's off too I'd take her to the vet. Although meowing in the night sounds kind of vague. :)