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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Boys being boys

I worked from home yesterday so the kids were running in and out of the house all day long. I kept hearing the kids in the garage and thought they were getting their bikes or cooling off in the shade.

At one point I got up to get something to drink and noticed movement in the back yard. I looked out the back door and saw this:

J-man and his two buddies were working HARD at putting a tent up in the back corner of our yard. Both dogs were keeping them company - it was a regular testosterone fest. I grabbed my cellphone and went in the backyard to see what was up.

They were so proud. I asked them if they were enjoying themselves, and of course they all said yes. You can see it on their sweet faces just how good it felt to do this!

About an hour after they put up the tent J-man came in the house and asked if they could sleep out there. I told him that was fine and the joy that spread across the kid's face was amazing. He was THRILLED! He ran upstairs and got a pillow, comforter, DVD player (he roughs it I tell ya) and a few DVDs. I said "son... you don't have a battery powered player." He said, "I know... we have an extension cord!"

Carl and I planned on buying the boys pizza for dinner, but right before we left to pick it up the big brother of J-man's friends came by. He needed to take the smaller of the two, C, home for dinner. His parents thought he was too young to stay with us over night... which is understandable.

What would happen if he got scared in the middle of the night? Would he try to go home? Even though they only live one street over, it worried his parents that he would bail in the dark without letting anyone know.

So we picked up pizza, fed the boys, and settled in. Then the phone rang. The oldest brother called and asked if they could come to their house for the campout; they had a tent, too, and could put it up for all of them. J-man asked me if they could move our tent to their house and I agreed.

I think C raised such a fuss about not being able to camp out, his parents relented and said he could do it if the boys came to their house.

At this point I haven't heard from J-man to see how it went, but I'm sure he had a blast.

It is so funny to watch him grow up and do all of these "boy" things.


Neas Nuttiness said...

They probably stayed up talking and laughing all night!
It's the simple things in life that seem to be the best!

SkippyMom said...

Uh...not just a boy thing. Wallene [you know the 11 girl?] puts up our tent all the time.

She loves to camp and if given the chance would rather be in the tent then her bed.

In fact, as I write this - the tent is still up in our living room. :)

It is fun to watch them grow, isn't it?

Becky said...

I didn't know kids did stuff like that anymore. I'm so glad to know they are normal little boys! Sounds like fun!

Aunt Murry said...

Hi M, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I would love to be one of your daily reads! I think I might just do the same! Have Happy 4th!

SkippyMom said...

M - Pooldad says he is agreeable to your suggestion ;P Weehaw!