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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am so happy with the results of American Idol. I was a Danny girl from the start but my second favorite boy was Kris. He may not have the "flash" or "polish" of Adam, but he can sing!

Don't get me wrong.. Adam is good. The boy has talent, but I am so over his screeching of every song. That isn't singing, dude. He is a performer - and a damn good one - but that isn't exactly what they are looking for in Idol. They want a singer... a talented singer... and that is what they got.

What I saw of the finale last night was awesome. We tuned in just as bikini girl got dissed by Kara -- wish I had been watching.

But then:


Rod Stewart!!!


Holy crow!

I told Carl "Can you imagine how surreal it must be to turn around and there is Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley, or Cyndi Lauper or Brian - freakin' - May of Queen??" I would have stood there with my mouth open and drooling like a fool.

Both Adam and Kris will go a long way. We haven't heard the end of Allison or Danny either. All in all this was a talented year.



Becky said...

I am so glad this perked you up a bit! Hope you are feeling somewhat better!

Truth-Monkey said...

I never watch Idol, but if I had known Brian May would be there, I would have watched that!