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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where to begin

Last night's Lost was really good, but I did get confused quite a bit...
  • If they can't change the past because it already happen, then what is the point in going back to the island? Faraday kept saying it CAN'T be changed... does he know of some kind of loophole we aren't aware of?
  • Why was he on the island with the original Darhma folks and Dr. Candle?
  • If they weren't supposed to dig any further in the cave, who did it to uncover the wheel? And why would they want to?
  • Sawyer got a little flabby over the break. But dayum he still looks fine. I've missed him.
  • He has a heart! I can't believe how upset he is over Kate's "death"... he really loves her, doesn't he?
  • "Ginger" has the Eloise disease... she doesn't do time travel very well.
  • Did ya notice in a future episode (no pun intended) it looks like Penny is pushing? Like in having a baby? Her shirt was awful billowy on the boat... think she's preggers?
  • Who was the Steve Buscemi wanna be? Guess he got the fire he so desperately needed/wanted!! HA!
  • And what was up with the fire arrows? I was distracted at that point in the show so I'm not sure what was going on there... were they from the Others?
  • I love Hurley. I hate it that he was so upset over all the lying; he's such a good guy.
  • BUT, he should have listened to Ana Lucia... big mistake going to the pokey dude. She told you not to get involved with the po-po...
  • And how cute was he in the ShihTzu shirt! Such a little dog on that big ol' body.
  • Sayid is one bad ass MF, in my opinion. Killing a dude by throwing him on dirty dishes in the dishwasher! Bwaaaa haaaa haaa
  • How cool was it to see the "ring" lady (Ms. Hawkins?). How shocking was it to see she is working with Ben? And who was the lady in the butcher shop? Ben sure has a way with the ladeez.
  • The time jumping seemed to slow down a bit too... that is kinda driving me crazy. All this back and forth is insane. I can't remember enough of everything that has happened to know who should have been in the hatch at what time and when this person or that person died... when did the plane crash in regards to the bunny hopping down the trail... GAH!!!!

My head hurts. I need to watch last season and then this episode again. I hope I can hang in there and figure it all out.

Your thoughts? Reactions?

Oh!!! And Libby says HI!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Someone should've told me I needed a drink or two before watching last night's episode...maybe then I would've been able to keep up. I'm with you...need to watch that one again and not at 10 p.m. when I'm getting sleepy. I started thinking....oh, they will get to see Charlie again but apparently nothing can be changed, so what's the point? Hurley shouldn't have gotten himself arrested. He needs to stick with Jack and Sayeed. Sawyer needed to do a few Body Pump classes before taping. The man has lost his tone.

Biddie said...

I was thinking about Charlie, too. Jessica and I are hoping that he will come back at some point.
I loved hurley in his t shirt! He was so cute!
Sayid ROCKS! He is one of my fav's. I hadn't noticed that Sawyer got a bot flabby. I was too busy looking at his dimples.
Maybe this means that Jin is still alive somewhere, too??
Who is asking about Aaron after all of this time? The baby daddy? Is Claire going to come back???
So many questions!!!

Biddie said...

Oops. He got a BIT flabby. Not a bot. lol

SassyDog said...

My head was spinning. I have started watching it from the beginning on a local channel that thought everyone should catchup on the show. Now I am really confused. Sawyer kinda let himself go but Sayeed still looks fine.

whatevergirl said...

A bit flabby? Sawyer? Surely you jest. Jack looks horrible with a beard. Watching the last episode of Season 4 will not help, I assure you. I just watched it last week! Dr. lied when he said you couldn't change anything in the past. I want Jack and Sawyer back on the island arguing over Kate--preferably shirtless.