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Friday, January 23, 2009

One of those mornings

Yay... it is Friday!

But so far it has been "one of those" mornings.

First, Lily decided she wanted to snuggle with me... at 3:45 AM!!! She would crawl under the covers and settle in at my tummy (I'm a side sleeper) and then start doing the "paw paw" thing - we call it making biscuits. When the claws came out I grabbed her little paws, put my hand on her butt and turned her away.

She would have NONE of that so she would crawl out from under the covers.

And come back again 5 minutes later.

She did this no less than 5 times. GAH!

I was finally able to go back to sleep around 4:15-ish and the alarm went off at 5. Great.

I stopped to get gas on my way in. I go inside, grab some coffee, and hit the road.

At one point, something catches my eye. It is the little light flashing "check fuel cap". Yes... I had forgotten to put the fuel cap back on and close the fuel door. SOOO, I had to pull over and correct the problem. GRRRR.

OH!!! And I realized something last night....

Guitar Hero makes me sick. Not in an "I can't play this damn thing" sick. Oh no... more like motion sick. Watching the little colored dots fly by makes me want to throw up. I can play one or two songs and am ok... after that... I have to stop. Or hurl.

And I don't want to clean that off the carpet.



coffeypot said...

If you are going to hurl, make sure there is a hard rock tune playing so it will look like part of the act.

Patty said...

My pug Lucy sleeps under the covers with me every night...She won't settle down until I lift them up and let her snuggle. We also have two cats and usually one or both of them are on the bed when I wake up in the mornings..I keep thinking I need a huge king size bed. Sigh

whatevergirl said...

G got Guitar Hero for Christmas, and it makes her eyes hurt and she has visual problems for the rest of the day. We are going to sell it and get her something else. She was really bummed!