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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Bug and I went to see J-man in his Christmas concert at school. Carl had to work but he stopped by in time to see J-man perform then went back to do his thang.

On the way, Bug called shotgun. J-man didn't mind; he knew he had it for the ride home.

After the concert, J-man yelled, "Shotgun!!!"

Bug said: "Nuh-uh! I still have it."

J-man: "No you don't! I get it on the way home."

Bug: "Yes I do. We aren't going home! We have to go to Publix with MOM!"

J-man: "doh!!!! LOOPHOLE!!!!!!"


CindyDianne said...


That kid is FUNNY!

Some Guy said...

There's ALWAYS a loophole!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Geesh - I was just musing about how much I missed having all the kids (10 plus spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends) and grandkids (13 plus 2 "steps") around. Thank you for bringing me back to reality!