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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Punkin is a Party Animal!!!

Last weekend, Punkin and I went to Tallahassee with my girlfriend, PT, for FSU's homecoming. We had a blast! AND I saw a side of Punkin I never thought I'd see...

First he had to help me pack for the trip. He likes red, so there was alot of it in the bag.

He's pretty good at being a passenger. I did have to tell him to sit still a time or two, but other than that he rode like a dream.

We stopped outside Moultrie, GA for lunch. Punkin loves Subway, so he was tickled to find one. Look at that first bite!! Yikes!

Once he got a full belly he was ready for a nap. Here you see him giving us the evil eye-- he said "Please quit gabbing long enough for me to get some sleep!" We obliged.

Once we arrived at the hotel, Punkin was ready to party. Of course, he had to wait on us to get ready -- he had his nap. We were worn out!

So he watched a little TV while we freshened up.

Then he hogged the bathroom for about 30 minutes. He kept saying "Perfection takes time." I was about ready to pop him before he finally decided we could go.

Punkin and I shared a Bloody Mary...

But he hogged the second one.

And the cheesesticks? Forget it... they were all for him.

After dinner we headed to the campus for a pre-PowWow drink. PowWow is their pep rally where they crown homecoming queen and king. We didn't want to atten all the festivities so we went to a bar called Potbellies first... it was the perfect name for a Pug's first outing don't you think?

He discovered Bud Light and we realized we had created a monster.

Before Jimmy Fallon made his appearance, Punkin decided he wanted another Bud Light -- or two. He buttered us up with his cute little begging face, and then...

He tried to keep me and PT away from our drinks. The Lush.

We enjoyed the show - even though Jimmy had some technical difficulties. Punkin enjoyed it very much... we rolled in around 1 a.m. and hit the sack.
The next morning, Punkin drove me nuts until I went and got him some coffee.

If you know pugs, they have to have a lap to sit in. He found PT's FSU doll quite comfy. And she looks like she doesn't mind. I mean, how can you deny that face?

PT took us on a tour of Tallahassee. We went to the capital where Punkin tried to make a speech. It didn't go over very well... only PT and I were there to hear it.

All the speech giving and walking made Punkin a thirsty boy.

In the FSU bookstore, he found a few more ladies to adore him. They were cheerleaders, too! He thought he had hit the mother lode.

This is the dorm where PT used to stay. I asked him if I could take his picture with it... all he kept saying was "does this building make my butt look big?" A vain lush... great.

This bronze is the founder of FSU and the grandson of Thomas Jefferson. We couldn't tell if Punkin wanted to give him advice or whisper sweet nothings... and he won't tell.

Finally it was tailgate time. Punkin drank a couple of Bud Lights...

... and got a little crazy....

We had to sober him up before we went into the stands. Here he is waiting patiently for the game to start.

He did look around a little... here he is saying "Why are all those folks on the field?"

And he was fascinated with the band... see them over there? And yes... he has on an FSU shirt. He was COLD... and look at his cute little butt tattoo!

The game finally started and he sat patiently between me and PT. It was hard for him to see... he finally got too cold and I put him in my jacket. That is where he stayed - nice and warm.

I can't wait to share more stories with you. He's ready for another trip!


Lisa said...

LMAO!! Looks like you and Punkin had a great time!

comebacknikki said...

Rock on, Punkin!

coffeypot said...

How did you find a shirt small enough to fit Punkin?

GrizzBabe said...

That Punkin gets around!

I'd have to arm wrestle him for those cheese sticks.

Neas Nuttiness said...

This may be the funniest post I've ever seen.

I've got to take my little (to be named) "pug" around with me and take some good pics. I have one friend who would LOVE IT.

So glad I found your site!

SassyDog said...

This is so funny. I had thought about getting a little gnome like the one on the Travelocity commercials but this is a better idea. Not to be a copycat or anything but my real pug, Fuji, is so wild in the car I can't take her anywhere. Of course I have 6 different breeds of dog to choose from or 6 cats! Love your blog!!