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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Going to bed last night I noticed the light to the "man room" was on. This is the room where we hide the Christmas presents... behind LOCKED doors.

I told Carl when we were shopping that we needed to find a new place to hide the loot. He said "nah. They won't realize they were there. Plus, they don't have a key! They don't know how to open the door." I rolled my eyes and said "OK. Wait and see."

So the light was on. I called Carl to see if he had been in there. Nope.

I stood in the hallway and asked the kids (thru their doors) if they had been in there. Nope.

I said, "Well, the cats don't have a key and the boys are too dumb to know how to turn on a light (meaning the puppers -- although one could argue the point at times), so SOMEONE has the key. It needs to be in my hand by the time I get to ten or you two are on restriction."

One: nothing

Two: Bug "I don't have it, Mom! I swear I don't"

Three: rustling -- J-man opens his door with the key in his hand.

I was sooooo flippen mad. We worked hard to save up for their surprises and now J-man knows everything he is getting for Christmas. That BUMS ME OUT. I love surprising them...

Bug swears she doesn't know and that J-man didn't tell. I hope that is the case or Christmas is going to SUCK this year. I'm not getting either one of them anything else. They'll get what is in that room and that is it. I want them to realize just how disappointing it is going to be when there are no surprises this year.

GAH... and we still have two months to go.



CindyDianne said...

Oh, that really does suck. I am so sorry for all of you!

On another note - look at you all prepared for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well, he gets what he deserves. He really should have taken into consideration yall's feelings too. Hope he learns his lesson. And, no, I wouldn't get any new presents for him either.

Yeah, really, look at you, all ready for Christmas!! I can't do that, my kids change their mind every day. We only get three gifts each for them, really cuts down on spending. Tina

Burfica said...

Your much nicer than me, I would return all his stuff.

Biddie said...

I return stuff that the kids find. I HATE when they know what they are getting, it ruins everything.
One of these days. J will figure this out. Most of the fun of the holidays is watching the joy and excitement that the kids have.
You are way ahead of me, too. I have started my shopping, but I am not nearly done, except for the stocking stuffers. I am nearly done all of those.

Marni said...

I threatened to return it, but I can't do it. There isn't anything else out there that he wants.

Don't get me wrong, we aren't completely done... just the kids. I still have parents and relative gifts to purchase, but they aren't going to be near as much as they ahve in recent years.

SkippyMom said...

Sweetheart, don't worry. It really won't suck and J Man will remember in the future that he ruined his own Christmas.

Please don't stress about this. Kids are kids and I can't remember a single year my brother didn't do this [and my Mom STILL defends him]....

As long as he doesn't tell Bug. THAT would cost'em I am sure.

And others said LOOK AT YOU GIRLIE! Done with your Christmas shopping...that is a great Mommy!

Hang in there sweetheart! We love you and promise not to peek!

comebacknikki said...

That does suck, but I'm sure he'll never forget it. I found my gifts when I was 8 and it really did put a big damper on my x-mas - there was no element of surprise, which was a big part of what made the morning so fun. I never looked for my gifts again after that year. :)

ccw said...

I'm sorry; that sucks!

Teen L is not a snooper but NSBH has a nose for finding stuff even if she isn't looking.

I will say that I was a snooper. I even tried my clothes on beforehand. My mom never knew and I was still excited for Christmas morning. I know that doesn't help you and Carl, though.

whatevergirl said...

That is what you get for being organized and an early shopper!! (just kidding) You should shop late like me so that you are literally coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Belle-ah said...

My DD found her stash - intentionally on her part - a couple of years ago and she did have a miserable Christmas and I think it taught her a thing or two about the fun (lack of) of peeking!