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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nothing changes!

We were watching TV with the kids last night (as usual) when a commerical came on. It is fairly new, and one that we see on occasion. It depicts a woman on a "game show" but the commercial is actually for insurance.

The emcee asks her three questions about what she is insured for and she answers them. In the end she winds up "winning" by getting the right insurance coverage for all her needs.

As Carl and I were talking during the commercial I was watching Bug out of the corner of my eye. She was INTENT on that commercial. After the third question she banged her hand on her leg and said "Man, I wish she would get at least ONE question wrong! She always gets them right!"

I said, "Honey? Do you not realize that is a COMMERCIAL and she will always get the questions right? It is all about selling insurance."

She just looked at me, grinned and said "Oh"...

If I could get YouTube at work I'd look for the commerical and post it so you would have some idea of what I am talking about. Maybe I'll do it tonight.


coffeypot said...

Bug can take some things so serious. If she were watching an old oater for the third or forth time and the cowboy came arond the bend at full speed and ran into a tree limb that knocked him off his horse, I bet she would wonder why he didn't duck the last time.

She is so funny! Like her brother. And her Mom; and her Dad.

klasieprof said...

AWWCKKK!!! We talk over that SAME commercial...gees is it irritating!! ..and just glad someone else sits around watching tv with their kids too!