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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Music perception

I'm amazed at people's perception of me. Especially when it comes to the music I listen to.

My music taste runs the entire spectrum. I love everything from Country to Heavy Metal to Rap (main stream/hiphop... not the hardcore stuff). If it makes me feel something - like wanting to dance or cry - I love it. If it touches my soul I will listen to it.

But I find it curious what people would think I listen to. If you met me, you would probably think I'm a Country music kind of gal. I do like it. I love Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and Brooks and Dunn - and many more.

But that isn't all to my music taste.

In high school I was a Stray Cats FANATIC. I knew everything there was to know about Brian Setzer, Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker. I bought imported LPs and hard to find vinyl. I still have everything. I even have their greatest hits on my iPod and in my car.

I also loved Duran Duran and any British band of the 80s. And QUEEEN!!! OMG!!! Freddy Mercury was the b.o.m.b. and I still get chills when I hear his voice.

In college I turned to heavy metal. Of course, I have loved that genre since I was young. The first album I ever bought was KISS' Destroyer. To this day, the sound of a screeching guitar and thundering bass turns me to liquid fire. I love. love. love it. Ozzy, GNR, Whitesnake, all the 80s hair bands... OMG! These days I am in love with Saving Abel and Theory of a Deadman... they are so frakkin' awesome!

And now that AC/DC and GNR are coming out with new NEW albums - oh happy day!

All this is being said because today I was in the car with my girlfriend, T. She and I were cheering on our 3 Day Walker friend, PT, and had met her for lunch. As I was taking T back to her car I told her that I had bought two CDs that morning that were complete opposites. I had bought AC/DCs new one and Flo Rida (he is a rapper and his Ayer video is a few posts down).

She said she loved Flo Rida's Low. I asked her if she had heard In the Ayer yet and she said no. I put the CD in the player and proceeded to turn up the volume so I could MOVE.

She was laughing at me and saying "I can't believe you like this! This is so not what I expected from you!"

That floors me. Music is in my soul. Without it I would wither up and blow away. It has the power to make me happy or sad; it gets me going in the morning and provides a pick me up in the afternoon. It makes my world go around.

And it takes ALL KINDS of music to do that, too. My mood hinges on what I hear every day... so it has to make me happy. No matter what genre it comes from.

What music makes you happy? Any particular genre or do you like it all?


Biddie said...

I like almost everything. Stray Cats rock. When KC was a baby, I sang her all of their songs..and some punk. I can handle some country, but it's not one of my fav's.
What is with Brad Paisley and his song Ticks? THAT is one song that I do not get? I wanna check you for ticks?
KC and Shawn are really into Flo Rida right now. I can take it or leave it.
I was a huge fan of Duran Duran, too.
I can't even go out without my i pod. Music is my saving grace somedays.

CindyDianne said...

Stoney LaRue
Def Leppard
Linkin Park
Willie Nelson
Andreas Vollenweidner
Bee Gees

and on and on and on

Anonymous said...

Heehee-- Duran Duran.
My roomie in college thought that instead of
"I'm on the hunt down after you"
she thought they sang

"I'm on a honda after you"!!

Crazy huh?

coffeypot said...

Barney's 'I Love You.'

whatevergirl said...

The same thing happens to me! Once people hear my Southern accent, they assume country music girl. I don't even like country music except for some old Ronnie Milsap.
I love 80s rap! When the lyrics were mainstream and it was ok for your kids to hear it. I love Harry Connick Jr. I still listen to Michael Jackson, Prince, Donny Osmond, Rick Springfield, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers greatest hits, The Police, Tesla, Robert Plant, Bonham... I like Avril Lavigne and even Kelly Clarkson... And some of the old dance stuff like Information Society, Salt and Peppa...I even have a classical CD which calms, I would say, my tastes run the gamut too.