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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My second favorite show premiered last night... Heroes.

Goodness gracious was it awesome, but I have sooooo many questions.

**** Spoiler Alert ****
  1. What's up with Mama Patrelli? She's Sylar's mom? Huh?
  2. Soooo Sylar doesn't eat the brains... he.... what? Pushes a button and their powers absorb thru his fingers? Explain please...
  3. I hate, hate, hate time travel stuff. I get so confused. And this whole butterfly affect is hurting my head.
  4. Two Peters? TWO? Who is the baddie with the scar?
  5. Mohinder's skin is coming off in chunks? WHA????
  6. Who is the most boring character on TV right now? Maya... why is she still around? YAWN She is the Paulo of Heroes (Losties will know what I mean)
  7. Linderman is a ghost? Cool.
  8. Jessica/Niki lost her badass power and now her name is Tracey and she can freeze people? WHA???? (but she's still a slut! the more things change...)
  9. Claire can't die? Her real mom has come to live with them? Me thinks that is going to be a HUGE problem.
  10. Ando turns "bad" -- doubt it. He's too freakin' cute.
  11. I think Sylar is going to wind up being a good guy some how... if that is a possiblity at all. He is going to join forces with others to bring down the escaped Level 5 contingent.

So many more, but can't think of them all right now.

BTW: this dude is now on my Top 5. Damn... he's so awesome. I've always loved the bad boys.

Last night's scene where he got reeeeaaalll close to Claire and whispered "Claire... that's disgusting" left me in a puddle on the floor. That voice... whispering... OMG...


KLee said...

I'm with you -- I had lots of questions, too.

I am convinced that the more I see of Mrs. Petrelli, the less I like her. I knew she was a big-wig with the company, but since when could she see the future?

Also, what's the deal with Peter (ok, BAD Peter) shooting Nathan? He couldn't have thought of a better way to stop the press conference than SHOOTING his brother?!?!

And how about Bob getting whacked and Elle out on the street? I'm not Elle's biggest fan, but she's a product of the company and the environment THEY raised her in!

And, as far as Mohinder -- to quote you....OH MAH GAH! When he was showin' of those abs, honey -- I wanted to jump through the screen! Yum!

And, I guess Pete's desperation to change the future so he could save his last season's girlfriend, Caitlin, is no longer a storyline. Sorry, Caitlin! Claire is apparently his new honey-to-be. And, wouldn't that be borderline incest, what with Peter being her uncle and all....Unless Mama Petrelli wants to confess that one of her sons isn't hers after all? Maybe either Nathan or Peter were switched at birth with Sylar. Or, they could be adopted like Claire.

My head hurts now.

Marni said...

I thought about the whole uncle/niece thing last night too and had to stop. The ick was just too much to take at the time...


still is!