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Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost over

J-man and I are in Greenville today so he can begin therapy.

We are so excited! It will be the first time in six weeks that he will put any weight on his legs. They made him lay down and measured his height and he has grown two inches! I knew he looked longer, but I didn't realize he could grown two flippen inches in six weeks! He's put on some weight too but that doesn't surprise me. Sitting or laying down will do that to ya.

He has to walk 100 feet without assistance before we can leave. J-man has the goal to do it today. I don't think it's going to happen. He is in for a shock. But he can handle it. Any kid that has gone through what he has can handle pretty much anything.

We are so blessed that this is all he needs. We've met kids with Muscular Distrophy, missing limbs, back problems... all that will be with them forever. J-man just needed his feet turned out. Really a cosmetic procedure, but one he felt he needed. I have to believe we were sent here to open our eyes to just how lucky we are.

I'm so proud of him. I'll let you all know how it goes.


coffeypot said...

I am proud of him as well. It is amazing the strength and courage that little man has. He puts me to shame. Call me and let me know how it's going.

CindyDianne said...

Please do keep us updated!

You can do it J-Man!!

Burfica said...

I hope therapy goes well, sometimes it causes pain and makes them want to quit. But I know your kiddo is a fighter. hehehehe

Biddie said...

I was just going to ask you about J Man. I was thinking of him last night..I couldn't sleep.
I bet that he will be up on his feet in no time.
Keep us posted :)