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Friday, June 20, 2008

Did we catch something?

As many of you know I love anything paranormal. I love to watch shows about ghosts and ghost hunts. I love stories about paranormal experiences, and I've even had a couple of my own. I also like to take ghost tours whenever we travel. I've done them in Savannah and even in Vancouver during one of our cruise excursions --- I know, I know! Pictures are coming

So this past weekend we went on a ghost tour of Kissimmee, Florida.

I have always taken my camera, but have never "captured" anything. This time was an exception. I think we captured a few anamolies, but I'll let you decide.

This was our first stop. We are at a train depot. As our guide was telling us about the place, I just turned to my right and snapped a picture. You can see our tour guide's backpack on the left. I swear to you - hand held high - that the green light was NOT there when I took the picture. It was pitch black. We don't know what that is...

Bug took this picture at a monument in downtown. It is a little blurry because she was aiming the camera at a bench and it wouldn't focus well. What amazes me is the streak on the left. There weren't any bugs around, and I watched her take the picture. At first I thought it could be her fingernail, but looking at it closer it doesn't look like that at all. I think the little blob underneath is a street sign, but we have no idea where the streak came from.

This picture freaks me out a little. This was taken at Kissimmee's courthouse; where the hanging tree still stands. Bug went up to the windows to take pictures inside... look right above the flashes reflection and to the left... I see a face... do you see it?

This was a creepy place. This was taken at a funeral home's playground. Yes, you read that right. This funeral home built a playground so children will have something to do as the funerals are taking place. Legend has it that a little girl named Isabella haunts the playground. Our guide said people have called the police in the middle of the night to ask them to come get the kid playing on the playground.

If you ask her to show up she will, and I think she did. This picture is of a covered wagon play thingy... if you look at the front, tiny glass window I think there is someone sitting there. I tried to circle it. You may have to click on the picture to make it larger. Carl thinks I'm crazy, but SOMETHING is there.

This next picture cracks me up. Like I said, you can ask Isabella to show up and she will. The guide said you can ask her to make a blue orb or a red orb and she'll do it for you. I told the kids, let's see if she'll show up for us! I put the kids next to the wagon and said "Isabella, this is J-man and Bug. They are kids that would LOVE to have their picture made with you. If you can, give us an orb so we can see that you are here." I didn't get an orb but the look on Bug's face is priceless. I don't think she necessarily wanted Isabella to show up...

BUT, the picture right above this one was snapped a few seconds after I took the one of the kids. Long enough for me to move around a swingset and take the picture of the wagon. Do you think Isabella did what I asked her to do?

We had other pictures of orbs and such, but I don't really trust those. Orbs could be dust or bugs or anything else floating in the air. (Although I do have a red orb in one and that was strange.)

What do you think? Think we caught a few paranormal things? Or am I just seeing stuff I wish were there?


Beth said...

Freaky. The kids look so cute and grown-up. Bug is the spitting image of you.

Lisa said...

I don't know about the lights, but I sure as shit see the face in the window above the flash. That's just cool!

Biddie said...

LOL at poor Bug standing on front of the stage coach.
I think that you may have captured something. Did feel like you were being watched? Sometimes, when I sense a spirit or something paranormal, I get a back stomach ache. The worse I feel the faster that I get out of there.

Burfica said...

That green light is cool.

But I have to be a skeptic like Jason and Grant on ghost hunters and say that face is a reflection of a person taking a picture.

I know I'm a kill joy, but I'm sure that's what they would probably say too.

Love that Taps team, watch their show all the dang time. hehehehe

Kayla said...

Holy cow!! I would have been so scared!! Stuff like that freaks me out.... LOL have fun hunting ghosts!!!

Christine said...

I've lived in this town for twenty years and never even knew we HAD a ghost walk.

Personally, I vote for my kid and his friends screwing with you but hey..if we have some guy hangin' by the tracks I should invite him to dinner. Must be a good neighbor.

Bubs said...

I'd say you got some interesting anomalies. Especially the stage coach picture.