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Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch any movies on vacation?

I have been catching up on my movies the past few weeks. Travel seems to be a good way to watch the flicks you've been missing. During my flights to and from Washington and the cruise I've watched all of these:
  • Sweeney Todd - good gracious this movie was gruesome. But I loved it never the less.
  • 27 Dresses - I wanted to hate this movie. I really did. But in the end I wound up liking it. Guess I'm still a chick.
  • Bourne Ultimatum - very little dialog... lots of action and LOTS of Matt Damon. Makes me a happy girl.
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets - pretty good flick. I love this type of movie; all action adventure and funny banter. Makes me ready to go see the next Indiana Jones movie... I can't WAIT for that one.
  • Atonement - I started reading this book a couple of years ago and had a hard time getting into it. The movie was kind of the same. Very hard to follow because it jumped back and forth. The cinematography though was amazing... beautifully shot. In the end though I liked it. Would I recommend it? No. But it is still a good movie.
  • No Country for Old Men - didn't get to watch this one through. We saw bits and pieces running in and out of our cabin. What I DID see looked creepy, evil, and interesting. Carl and I are going to rent this one...
  • The Bucket List - Jack Nicholson and Morgran Freeman. Together. In one film. Need I say more?
  • Grease - yes... I watched this while waiting to dock in Ketchican. I still adore that movie.
  • The Devil Wears Prada - Very cute movie. I didn't think I would like it, but Meryl Streep is just so flippen awesome.
  • The Great Debaters - awesome, awesome, awesome. I love Denzel Washington and would enjoy watching him read the phone book. This was a powerful and amazing movie. I was sitting too far away from the screen to see the "what happened to" part at the end... I'm going to be doing some research to find out about those folks. If you haven't seen this movie -- I highly recommend it.

I think that is everything... there were a couple more that we saw snippets of, but they weren't worth mentioning.

Yes. We did leave our cabin and the ship. We just had a lot of travel time, too!


CindyDianne said...



Marni said...

They are coming -- promise. Will post some tonight. Think I am going to break them down into locations just so you don't get too bored.

rider said...

Some of these chick flicks need to be combined. Like how about The Devil Wears 27 Dresses?

Sorry. I'm a moron.

Burfica said...

OoO is the bucket list out?? I wanna see that one.

Canadian flake said...

There are a couple of the movies on your list that I really want to see. I am looking forward to seeing the Bucket List and the debaters one. Rented Enchanted for my gremlins this was so dumb I couldn't even be in the same room as they watched

Welcome home again!!!