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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictures of meme

A MEME IN PICTURES (stolen shamelessly from Lisa)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box
  3. Use only the first page
  4. Insert the picture into your Blog


1. What is your relationship status?

2. What is your current mood?

3. What is your favorite band/artist? (of all time? that's tough)

4. What is your favorite movie?

5. What kind of pet do you have?

6. Where do you live?

7. Where do you work?

8. What do you look like? (yes, that is Velma)

9. What do you drive?

10. What did you do last night?

11.What is your favorite TV show?

12. Describe yourself.

13. What are you doing today?

14. What is your name?

15. What is your favorite candy?


Lisa said...

Ooh I love Snickers too! It was a toss up between that and the Reese's. :)

ccw said...

Must steal this for myself.

Burfica said...

Oooo i love that I might have to steal it.

couple of your answers is how I would have answered. hehehehehe

Biddie said...

Cool. I think that the whole process is a bit too complicated for me, though.
Loved your answers :)

Christine said...

Im with biddie on the too complicated...or maybe I am just too lazy but that was pretty kewl.