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Friday, March 07, 2008

Juliette, oh Juliette

I really enjoyed last night's Lost because it had Locke and Ben facing off (again), Jack and Juliette together, Faraday, Charlotte and Kate... a little Sawyer... what a great ep.

My thoughts and observations:
  • I would hate to be on the receiving end of Ben's affections. Talk about possessive!
  • Goodwin's wife is a beeotch. I wonder where she is and if that was another island ghost that visited Juliette in the jungle
  • The two best lines of the night came from Ben: 1) Did this have a number on it? and 2) See you guys at dinner!
  • Mr. Widmore is a lot scarier now than he was at first. Who the heck was he kicking and why? Is it just because he's a bully?
  • Sawyer even looks good playing horseshoes!
  • You would think that the Miss Bad A$$ Kate would know better than turn her back on an enemy! She deserved to get her head bashed by Charlotte.
  • Zack and Emma - the kids from the plane... where are they? And what is the list Ben referred to? Is it the same list he and Sayid are working on in the future?
  • It was good to see Mr. Friendly again -- where did HE go?
  • As a matter of fact, where ARE all the Others? Why haven't they stormed Locke's group yet?
  • Who's on the freighter? I was screaming "It's Michael!!!" after the show went off, but now I'm wondering. That is too obvious... there has to be a twist somewhere... but I still think it's Michael.
I'm sure there is a lot more to say, but I must get back to work. I can't wait to read what you guys thought about last night.


Craig said...

I loved all the various Ben lines in the episode, but Juliet managed to get a great one in too with "It's very stressful being an Other, Jack." I love that she's even picked up the habit of using the term Other.

Even with the flshbacks, it was almost more of a Ben episode than a Juliet episode. And lovey-dovey Ben may be even more creepy than the regular Ben.

The list Ben was talking about was Jacob's list. It's the "good people" list that the Others have referred to a few times in the past that told them who to kidnap and make part of their society.

Mr. Friendly is dead. Sawyer shot him, "for takin' the boy."

I think it is Michael and that the twist will have to do with the fact that Michael is somehow on this boat as a spy for Ben, but (1) the last we saw, he hated Ben and (2) it's only been a month, maybe a month and a half since they left. However, factoring in the fact that Walt has grown so much, perhaps it's only a month and a half since Ben sent them away, but it's been longer since where Ben sent them. (My favorite theory of the moment.)

I liked the episode a lot, not as much as last week, but still a lot.

Marni said...

OH YEAH! About the list and Mr. Friendly... see I need you Craig!!! You keep me straight.

Jim Latchford said...

Last night's episode of LOST had to be among my all time favorites! While you lady-folk are frothing at the mouth over the manly hunks of Jack and Sawyer, I was totally enthralled with Miss. Juliette. I have never appreciated a good down pour so much as I did last evening when that beautiful specimen of womanhood got soaked to the bone! I was praying that the sun would never come out!! This actress has previously played Mrs. Santa Claus opposite Tim Taylor. Were I Santa Claus and she my Mrs., I'd never leave the North Pole!! (Don't tell my wife!)

Some Guy said...

I am really enjoying this season, even if I'm still confused as hell.

coffeypot said...

Could it be Charlie?

Marni said...

Oooo - good thought!!!

Trukindog said...

I loved the look's on Sawyer's and Hurley's face's when they saw Ben [free].

Trying to figure out Ben makes my head hurt, most times I think he's an evil bas(^&d but then I think about him and Sayid in the future as {partners} so to speak and I refuse to believe that Sayid has gone bad, the people he's killing must be some kind of threat to the survivors and maybe he's just useing Ben for the list ?

Kate Mmmmmmmmmmmm Kate, that's all I have to say about that.

Mr. Widmore...nope I don't like him, he's ruled by money, greed and social statis.

Faraday & Charlotte, why so sneaky to stop the gas? If their against Ben and they know Jack and his bunch are too why wouldn't they just tell them about it ?

The Others are right where Ben wants them to be and doing exactly what he want's them to do, somehow he is in comunication with them...I think ???

Michael!!! I had almost forgotten about Michael. Very good possibility.

John Locke is a man of his word i.e. releasing Ben & not harming Kate, but I think Locke is so mystified & confused by the Island he's willing to endanger everyone to get answers.

Martha said...

This was the first episode I saw this season (I teach Thursday nights--bummer--but I was on break this week), but I busted out laughing at Ben's casual, "See you guys at dinner" comment. How can someone so nutty still be so witty?

Esther said...

I was also thinking that Michael is the spy on the boat. As much as there's a time lapse difference between the island and the boat, I think Walt would be way too old.

Ben thinking Juliet is his is CREEPY. Now we really know why she didn't leave after 6 months. I was intrigued when Juliet said "you don't want to see my file, Jack" and wonder what else we don't know about her.

I'm still wondering who the last of the Oceanic 6 will be. Maybe Sun?

Canadian flake said...

Wish I could go back from the beginning and watch it all...maybe then I would have a

Valerie said...

I'm bothered by John's actions...he's playing it like he doesn't know what the hell is going on...but he's trusting Ben...I don't like it.

I hope he's fooling us all and actually has a plan.

And I'd like to play horseshoes with Sawyer...mmm...Sawyer.