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Thursday, March 20, 2008

As it happens

*** Spoilers Alert!! ***

I decided to type my thoughts on Lost during the commercials. Here's what I got so far...
  • Seeing Libby was a T.R.I.P!!! Did NOT expect that to happen
  • So we have a new location - the Temple. That answers where all the "others" and the kids are
  • I wonder why Ben didn't tell anyone else about the Temple?
  • Sawyer looks good all cleaned up - but then again he looks good dirty, wet, dry, in a paper sack...
  • Tom IS gay!!! I laughed out loud at that... so much speculation about that and it wound up being true!
  • I love how they answered the questions about why and how the fake plane got to the bottom of the ocean. Pretty creepy seeing all the open graves. Widmore is one evil dude!
  • Did Minkowski try to escape the freighter by using that tiny, rubber lifeboat? Is that how he got sick?
  • It was good seeing Walt again
  • When Michael said he was on the boat "to die" did anyone else think "good"? I did. Can't stand the guy although I do feel sorry for him. He does love Walt -- he just makes stupid decisions!
  • How can the island stop someone from offing themselves? Will he never die or will it happen when he redeems himself?
  • Didn't Hurley kill Tom with the van? So did he come back to life as well? Did this happen after that incident?
  • I don't remember Jin giving Michael a watch... when did that happen?
  • That was a nasty trick with the explosives. Not yet my a$$! I would have been soooo mad!!!
  • Didn't Ben look surprised that Michael tried to activate the bomb? Guess he underestimated the severity of Michael's guilt/depression!
  • Love that Sayid turned Michael in. I was waiting on the captain to say "I know" but that didn't happen. Think Michael will get his wish now?
  • Rouseau and Carl dead?!! Holy crap -- didn't see that coming. Guess what Ben wants, Ben gets... he didn't like Alex falling in love with her real mom and her boyfriend so he had them offed. I just wonder who it really was doing that -- and how did Ben tell them they were coming? Did he get in touch with the others after he saw Hurley and Sawyer (and said "See you at dinner?") He is soooo evil!!
  • Which "bad" guy is worse? Widmore or Ben??? Hmmmmm?

I am so sad this is the last episode until April 24! It was hard enough waiting until the season started and now we have to take a month long break AGAIN!!! GAH! But the episode looks freakin' awesome! According to SpoilerFix it is Sayid/Ben-centric - cool!

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and observations in the comments. I love Lost Fridays!


Craig said...

I remember the temple getting really brief mention last year when we were seeing the Other's camp. I think it was when Ben was talking to Richard about taking them on while he went to talk the 815ers out of calling the boat.

Minkowski and the other guy (can't remember his name) "just wanted to get a look at the island" and went out in the boat and both died from not having a constant.

The flashback had to be before Tom died. He died when the freighter was only 80 miles away, so he had to recruit Michael first. (and if I remember correctly, it was Sawyer shooting him "fer takin' the boy.")

The watch was why Jin beat Michael senseless back before he could communicate with anyone. Michael found it and Jin thought he had stolen it.

The interesting thing about Ben not liking Karl is that it isn't that he just wants someone better for his daughter or that he's just a crazy man, but he is trying to keep them apart because he knows what happens to pregnant women on the island. I find it very odd to see Ben deal with Alex, because she is the only person he cares for in what appears to be a non-self-serving way. It's a fascinating relationship that I hope they explore more because it seems to be deeper than adopted/kidnapped daughter.

So who was doing the shooting, Others or people from the boat?

I expected the captain to tell Sayid that he knew too. I'm a little worried that Sayid turning in Michael may end up with many of the people on the island dying, which could make this the "time you thought with your heart instead of your gun" that Ben uses to recruit him.

I love the way they are having each group pointing the fingers at the other (no pun intended) and calling them the bad guys. I don't know who to believe, but we've come a long way from everyone collectively scoffing at Ben the first time he said "We're the good guys, Michael."

This break may kill me because they left off at such a critical point. Every time I think I have a clue where they are going with this, a new episode throws me off.

Biddie said...

I thought that Frank was dead, too. I do remember him saying something to Kate (when she was first captured and given a sundress to change into) that he wasn't interested in her..or something along those lines. I guess we know why, now. Still, I was surprised by the revalation, too.
I can't imagine that any good will come of Sayid turning Micheal in. I know that screwed up, royally, but I feel bad for him. He is so tormented, and I think that all of his bad choices stem from wanting to protect Walt.
I had NO idea that this was the last episode until April 24th.
At least I can watch Reaper now.

Burfica said...

I think I am in lust with Sayid as you are with sawyer. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

You said,
"I love how they answered the questions about why and how the fake plane got to the bottom of the ocean. Pretty creepy seeing all the open graves. Widmore is one evil dude!"

This was my husband's thought also. I think, in their typical mess-with-the-mind fashion, the writers are trying to make us wonder if it's Widmore or Ben. Remember... Ben could have placed those dead people there too... as Miles let us know a few episodes back.

Why, oh, why would stupid Kate ever leave Sawyer?

Moxie said...

It took me a minute but I realized that Michael and Walt actually returned home to the States after Ben gave them the boat. That's why Michael's mom was saying those things about him being missing for a month and not being allowed to say he was on the plane.

If you're not already watching "The Riches" on FX I highly recommend it...may help deal with "Lost" withdrawal symptoms.

Valerie said...

April 24?!?!?! That's what upset me the most...the idea of having to wait that long until the next new episode.

Are you going to watch the reruns with pop-up video style comments?

As for Sawyer, there is no way you could make that man look unattractive to me. Have I mentioned that I think he's hot?