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Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost in review

It was like being at a family reunion. I wanted to hug everyone and give them some fried chicken, but they all had things to deal with. Like arguing and being rescued and doing cannonballs.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Death looks good on Charlie! When he came to Hurley wearing sunglasses, I thought I would fall out of my chair. Who'd a thunk you would see him again? I knew he would have to wrap things up, but wow...

  • How FREAKY was that house? and WHO was in there with Jacob? Was that Locke? I need to see a screen cap of the face that popped up just to see if it was his beautiful baby blue...

  • Speaking of Locke - how awesome is he? Love him

  • So when Jack visited Hurley in the asylum it was before he went over the deep end, huh? He said he was thinking about growing a beard... and he looked damn good in that tie...

  • What was the "did you tell" comment all about? Hmmmm?

  • What made Hurely change his mind to leave the island?

  • Who does he have to help? Was Charlie telling him to go back to the island or help the other Oceanic 6?

  • We know who three of the Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Who are the other three? Bernard and Rose? Was one of them in the casket at the funeral? I have a feeling it wasn't them... call me skeptical but if Hurley can change his mind so could anyone else out there.

  • How on earth did whats-her-face get away from the Losties, make a dead-end trail and then head BACK into the woods to get further away? Only to die after making the final call? All with a deep-a$$ knife wound in her back. She was a hearty soul, no?

  • Hurley broke my heart when he told Claire about Charlie. I thought I was going to cry -- I DID tear up a little.

  • Who was the dude that visited Hurley? Was he government? Part of the Dharma initiative? Part of Penny's bunch?

  • Didn't he look at lot like Mr. Ecko's brother?

That is all I've got for now. Heading off to Pop Candy to read their discussion threads... if anything else pops up, I'll put it in comments.

I didn't get to see the Oceanic commerical during Eli Stone... I recorded the show (because I want to see it... NOT because of the commerical. I'm not THAT big of a geek... right) so I can watch it tonight. Just curious about what that was all about.

Woot!!! Lost is BACK!!!!


SkippyMom said...

No ONE, and I mean NO ONE can recap a show like Marni, eh?
You are infectious! Too cute! fav' line "All with a big a$$ knife wound in her back. She was a hearty soul, no?" bwahaha...that's gonna be going through my head all day...hee...Glad you enjoy it so!

Hugs and happy weekends!

Valerie said...

loved last night's ep too...I'm so glad LOST is back.

Burfica said...

I'm so glad it's back but now I have manymore questions grrrrrr. lol

Craig said...

It really was great to have Lost back.

What I found interesting about Charlie was that Hurley was not the only one to see him, yet he was obviously not really there.

I loved seeing how much Hurley was impacted by Charlie's death. It was painful, but gave us so much insight into what happens and how Hurley acts.

It definitely wasn't Locke's eye. Instead of that green/blue of Locke, it was brown. It did look like the eye from the last time we saw Jacob, as well as (to me at least) looking like Desmond's eye from the beginning of one of the earlier episodes (Man of Science, Man of Faith, maybe?) What was even stranger to me is that when we saw the person in the chair (is that definitely Jacob?) there was pretty much no doubt that it was Christian Shepherd. That was crazy, and I can't make any sense of that...yet. (Have you seen the mobisodes that they have been releasing, more specifically #13? That makes this whole thing even weirder.)

Locke, both awesome and awful. He is completely insane and yet trying to do what is right. The problem is his interpretation of "right" can be a little off, as can his idea of acceptable actions.

Hurley was right about one thing. Jack would/does look weird with a beard.

I'm hoping that what they are lying about that Jack didn't want Hurley to tell is that there are still people alive on the island. If only 6 made it out, I can only hope it doesn't mean the rest are dead. This would fit with Charlie's messages. (did you see the writing on his hand when Hurley was in the interrogation room?)

I would assume that the other 3 of the six will include Sun and Jin, because of the baby. Then again, Des had a vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter and leaving if Charlie died.

I really wonder what happens to make Hurley decide to go back to Jack's side and leave, then what makes him decide he needs to go back to the island, then what makes Jack decide that they all have to go back.

I still have no clue about who is in the coffin. I can't see it being any of the main Losties as they would have some friends or family. Michael, because of his betrayal, maybe, but where is Walt?

The guy that talked to Hurley was definitely creepy, and since they made him share his last name with a demon ([from Revelation 9]"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon." Abaddon, also was the big bad in the finale of Season 1 of Torchwood), I'm guessing he is not going to turn out to be a good guy.

Trying to think of anything else...I'm sure there's more, but I've taken up enough of your comments.

Marni said...

Skip: thanks!

Valerie: I only hope the writers get back to work soon and we can have a full season.

Burfica: questions - the name of the game

Craig: You rock. You can leave as long a comment as you wish...

One of my theories is that the "he" that Kate referred to at the end of last season is Aaron... Claire, for some reason, did not leave or is the one in the coffin. Kate couldn't be "Kate" because she is a fugitive so she assumed Claire's identity. May be far fetched, but this IS Lost.

I, too, thought the guy in the chair was Christian Shepherd. Is he Jacob? The true mastermind behind all of the island's actions?

I have not watched any of the webisodes... maybe I need to (?) Just what I need. Something else to keep me on the computer!! HA!

Craig said...

Marni: First, I may need to recind my earlier thought on the eye. I took another look at the picture of the eye and now think that maybe it's too dark to tell the color and that was why I thought it was brown. So, maybe it was Locke.

I thought, but wasn't sure that it was Christian in the chair until I saw a cleaned up screen cap this morning and there is no doubt in that pic. I do have a hard time picturing him as the mastermind though. It's just too odd. But who knows with Lost.

I like the idea of it being Aaron that Kate had to get back to, especially if it means that she is still in hiding (would she fake an Aussie accent? I'd love that if only for the humor). Of course, by that point, she could have a little half-sawyer of her own, since there is a decent chance that she is pregnant now, what with the island making everyone have super sperm and all.

I don't know if all of the "Missing Pieces" episodes are worth the trouble, but you should watch the final one called "So It Begins". It will blow your mind.

Biddie said...

Gah. Too much going on! I can't wait another week to find out MORE!

coffeypot said...

Now that they have been rescued, shouldn't the change the show's name to FOUND?

whatevergirl said...

I love your theory on Kate and Claire!
If only it WERE Claire in the coffin! I could do without her in season 4.
Death does look good on Charlie..never a big fan, but I was diggin' him dead.
Locke is so interesting. Before he won "best supporting actor", I was telling hubby what an awesome actor he is.