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Friday, February 29, 2008

Des' night

I don't really like time travel shows but last night's Lost was awesome. The whole jumping back and forth in time was crazy and, at times, very confusing... but I loved it. Here are some thoughts:
  • A Black Rock painting and journal that was purchased by Mr. Widmore? Why did he want it? And what secrets could it hold about the island?
  • Poor Eloise
  • Why did Des follow Mr. Widmore into the bathroom? And then to watch him pee? Ewwww... Was that another way of Widmore showing his superiority over Des?
  • And what was up with leaving the water running? Do they not realize there is a water shortage? (oh... sorry... that is just here in the South)
  • Why did he give Des the address to Penny's new place? Guess his plan backfired about keeping them apart!
  • Is Faraday the one who wrote in the journal about Desmond being their "constant"? If so, does he have the same ability? Is that why he and the red head were practicing guessing games with the cards last week?
  • Des looked damn good in uniform and with short hair!
  • Who are these guys on the boat and who are they working for. They all seem so sinister.
  • Could someone that we met last night be the mole for Ben? I'm willing to bet it is the doctor, but that is the obvious choice, huh?
  • Loved the scene with Des and Penny on the phone. I was in tears! They will find one another again.
  • There were a lot of numbers in this episode... I'll be curious to see what folks come up with... you know they have some sort of meaning. (they always do)
  • I don't remember the creepy guy's name that was in the sick bay. Did he say he was on a ferris wheel? Does that have any significance?

All in all it was a good episode. I don't know what impact it has on the rest of the story except that now Penny knows Des is alive and will come find him. BTW - how surreal was it to see a Christmas tree after watching these guys on a hot island all this time. It was kind of a jolt...

Your thoughts and/or observations?


Craig said...

Ok, there is so much to say about this episode that I don't even know where to begin.

The Black Rock journal is intriguing since it was owned by a Hanso and the blast door map lists "the final resting place of Magnus Hanso/The Black Rock." What this means in the grand scheme of things, I don't know. Maybe Widmore is also looking for the island.

Yeah, Widmore really is a complete jerk, first the "walk with me" when he goes into the bathroom and then giving him Penny's address because he knows how angry she is with him.

The thing with the cards was more of an issue with memory than time, I think. Faraday couldn't remember all three cards after a period of time and similar things were hinted at in this episode. First, the shouldn't wear protection on your head comment and then Des' off-hand remark about "maybe you forgot." Something is up with his memory. Maybe it has to do with the time travelling conciousness or maybe just too much radiation exposure to the head. I think the thing in his journal was showing that he had met Desmond and had forgotten. He had prepared himself for the potential of travel, and had a fixed constant. Whether he started or not, I don't know, but since he isn't bleeding from the nose and having seizures, I'm guessing he hasn't.

If I had to bet on a mole for Ben, I'd go with the unseen captain of the boat, or that it is the soon to return Michael (or maybe those are the same, but I'm not sure how that would work).

The guy in sick bay was Minkowski who was the guy that was always on the other end of the phone when they called until he suddenly "can't come to the phone."

One important thing about knowing that it was Christmas Eve is that while there is a time screw up as you enter/leave the island, the amount of time you are on the island isn't too significantly different than non-island time. It's still 2004, and it's still around the right date. The time problem seems to be more with the coming and going than with existence on the island.

I do like that now, almost two full seasons later, we know just why Ben told Michael to stay on heading 305 when he and Walt left. (and also why it was a "bumpy ride" when Juliet went to the island.)

I think that this was my favorite episode of Lost so far. No pay off has ever been as wonderful as Desmond and Penny talking again.

Esther said...

It's interesting because I was disappointed with this episode. I never like the ones that focus on one person. That being said, this was better than others in terms of the information we got.

I wonder if this time travel electromagnetic thing is going to affect other people on the island, and lead to more deaths. But I still want to know who the captain of this boat is and who these people are? Clearly there was a reason Daniel was sent there, and it's a good thing he was, but what about the rest of them?

Biddie said...

Hey, Marni :)
I will catching up asap, but I wanted to let you know that there is an awrd for you at my place.

Marni said...

Craig: I wondering something about the whole thing with Faraday...

He asked if Des had been exposed to radiation or electromagnetism... I wonder if each of those have a different level of affect. Example: Faraday was exposed to radiation while Des was exposed to electomagnetism... could that be why Des exhibits the time travel and the nose bleeds while Faraday's exposure isn't as great (radiation) so he has limited ability at travel and/or memory issues?

Did that make any sense at all?

Trukindog said...

I was wondering

When Des said at the end he was all right did he meen he was all right at the moment or all right [NOW]?
Did he beat the time problem by talking to Penny [his constant] ?

Supposedly Ben has the ability to and has left the Island many times.
Why then is he not affected by the time problem ?

Faraday asked Des on the Island if he had ever been exposed to radiation or electromagnetic charges and Des said no...what about when he pushed the button to save the Island when Locke wouldn't reset the counter ?

Marni said...

trukin: that is what I got out of it -- because Des talked to Penny when he was supposed to, it solidified him in the NOW. And she knows he is alive so she will continue to look for him.

Des was exposed to the electromagnetism when the hatch exploded and that started all the time hopping stuff for him -- so when the helicopter went thru the time shift (31 min) it excelerated the issue for Des.

It was such an interesting and twisted ep... loved it.

Canadian flake said...

OK this show confuses the heck out of me...prolly because I haven't watched enough of it...

I might have been more inclined to watch from the beginning if I had known how many hotties there were going to be...lmao.

I liked the scene where the guy got to talk to his girl on the phone ...I don't even know who they are and I still got

Valerie said...

I read some LOST spoilers that have left me even more confused than ever! Let me know if you want the link...

and yes, Des looked good with the short hair.

altho, I did miss seing my boy Sawyer. :P

whatevergirl said...

I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!!!
I really wish it came on at 10 like it used to!