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Friday, February 15, 2008

Asleep at the TV

I'm not feeling very well so I took a Tylenol Sinus nighttime at 9:30 last night. I thought I would be able to stay awake through all of Lost. Didn't happen. Don't remember much of it at all. Guess I'll be watching it on this evening.

What I did get was:
  • Holy cow! Sayid is an assassin?!!
  • He is sooo hot with straight hair
  • And Ben was his doctor? Does that mean Ben is part of the Oceanic 6, too?
  • Is Ben his "boss"?
  • What was up with the girlfriend? Could her boss be Mr. Widemore?
  • Who was the dude Sayid shot on the golf course?
  • I want to be mad at Hurley for tricking Kate, Sayid and the other dude, but he is just too darn cute.
  • Why did Sayid give his girlfriend Naomi's bracelet? Does that have any meaning?
  • Where did the 31 minutes go in regards to the rockey thingy landing on the island?

I guess I saw more than I thought I did, but it is all so fuzzy. Can you give me any more details?


Craig said...

I don't think it means that Ben is one of the O6. I took that, plus the scene of lots and lots of passports and IDs and money in the hidden room in Ben's house (plus the pic that the freighter folks had of him) to mean that Ben can and has been leaving the island whenever he feels like it. (Also, did you see the name on Ben's passport that Sayid picked up. The last name was Moriarty, as in the evil genius archnemesis of Sherlock Holmes. The full name was Dean Moriarty, one of the main characters in Jack Kerouac's book On the Road.)

I wondered about Naomi's bracelet and if it was the same one, too. The writing in Naomi's said "N I'll be with you always, RG" Do we know an RG yet? Of course, everyone has a bunch of different names, so it could be anyone.

I have no clue who the people are on the list that Sayid and Ben are working from. Widmore? Dharma people? Something completely different?

I'm interested in the significance of Locke not being able to find Jacob's cabin. Is it because there were so many other people with him or has he "lost" his way?

I'm pretty sure the 31 minutes is why it's so hard to find the island unless you do everything just right. The island would appear to exist in some sort of screwed up spot in space-time that is 31 minutes behind the rest of us. The package arrived exactly when the frieghter woman said it did, but it took 31 minutes for that time to come around for Daniel and the rest on the island.

What I really want to know is what happened between "The day that I trust that man, I will truly have sold my soul." and working for Ben to change Sayid? Obviously it's what Ben alluded to at the end about thinking with his heart rather than his gun, but something awful is going to happen to Sayid and people he cares about, but we don't know when or what.

I think that's all I've got...for now.

Marni said...

I didn't catch the Moriarty connection -- that was such a good book!

Didn't think about the whole cabin issue... I'll have to mull that one over.

It is gettin' good! I can't wait to see what else happens.

Canadian flake said...

I actually watched part of the episode...but I am no help since I am not a fan of when I do watch it I AM

Sorry...hope u feel better.

Amy said...

I need to get into this show. I used to watch it here and there during the 2nd season, and I feel like I'm missing out. I have no clue how I'll ever catch up.

Maybe I should just watch it and post questions on my blog... I'm sure someone will answer!

I hope you are feeling better today!

Biddie said...

I am soo Lost.
I was wondering about the braclet, too, and as cute as Hurley is, I was pissed at him!

rain said...

Sayid is hot, striaght hair, curly hair, no hair. but Sawyer still rules in the hot department. What is it about the bad boys?

Trukindog/Scotty said...


Can you give me a little info.

How can I set my blog comments to show by clicking on the post title like yours does?

I'm still kinda new at this and I dont want to screw anything up.

P.S. I have been trying to get a clock on my blog, imagine my joy when I found yours - Click-Click - colck on my blog. Whewwww Sooooo easy.


Valerie said...

I didn't think Sayid gave Elsa the bracelet, she had the same bracelet as Naomi...which means they know someone in common.