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Thursday, January 03, 2008


I had to take Carl to get two wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

Bless his heart - he is PITIFUL. I had to change his gauze, give him water, make him take Advil... he just couldn't do it himself. I'm glad he didn't have to push two 8+ pound living, breathing human beings out of his body... he'd STILL be down for the count.

He's doing better today - thank heavens. I had to go back to work.


Lisa said...

Of course he is. He's a man. LOL

Casdok said...

Lol, sorry shouldnt laugh! He cant help it!!

Burfica said...

hell I only had one out, and was down and out. But then again they put me allthe way under and did surgery, with lots of stitches and all. hehehehe

Teri said...

are men good for anything? sheesh!

Valerie said...

Men are such babies.

But I do hope that he has recovered...for your sake. ;)

whatevergirl said...

men would die in labor..hope he is feeling better ;)

Canadian flake said...

Men are such babies...but ya gotta love em