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Friday, December 21, 2007


Wanna see a handsome kid? (Ignore the proud mama standing behind him) This was taken right before his first band concert. He did an excellent job!

Here's a question... can you get your tongue to do this?

Crazy kid.

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments... you know you want to see 'em.

Many of you know my nickname is Mouse. It is what my Pawpaw called me when I was little - actually it was Mouse of the House - and to this day I collect mice. There are A LOT on my tree... isn't she adorable?

This little guy just makes me smile.

Tinkerbell is just beautiful. Wind her up and she twirls on the genie bottle.

My tree topper is a Santa... doesn't he look high and mighty perched up there?

Here is my whole tree. Sorry the picture is so dark... don't have excellent photography skillz -- yet.

Finally --- this is what my brain feels like right now...

Have NO idea how that picture happened... I was trying to take pictures of the tree and this came out... cool, no?

Merry Christmas


Canadian flake said...

very cute pics...thanks for sharing..

the pic of your "brain" is particularly

GrizzBabe said...

... cool, no?

Very cool.

Martha said...

I LOVE the last picture. It's amazing how "accidents" can turn out so amazing!

Beth said...

Merry Christmas to y'all! Beautiful tree. What did the boy play in his concert?

Beth said...

And I'd love that last photo in a blouse ...

Burfica said...

what adorable freckles!!!!!

I have an ornament with mice I bet you would like. Gigantor and my very first christmas I found an ornament of a ladle and it's two mice sipping champagne and sitting in a bubble bath in the ladle.

katy said...

you are right it is cool, gret photos, love the Santa
i would like that last photo in as a picture
and no cant do that with my tongue!

Tod said...

I think your tree is cool too. Merry Christmas!

Bubs said...

Merry Christmas to you too. What a nice set of pictures--that last one especially. Very cool!

DJ Andi said...

I think your friend Michael took the last shot. I was bad this year. I didn't put anything out for Christmas. I did however put out all the Christmas cards I received (on the mantel and on top of the TV. That was it. Just wasn't in the mood and I will be out of town starting the day after Christmas. I miss it though.