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Monday, November 05, 2007

It is supposed to be fun, right?

The lady that runs our soccer program also coaches a team. She doesn't have a reputation for being the nicest - or fairest - person so to "stack" her team doesn't seem to far out of her realm. She goes through the applications and picks out the best of them then gives the dregs for the other coaches to recruit their teams.

This season her team is undefeated - AND no one has scored a goal against them.

J-man's team had to play them on Friday night. It was their final game and they wanted to win it SO bad. We didn't think they would so our primary focus was just to get one goal. We came really, really close but it didn't happen. We wound up losing 5-0 which is the best score anyone had against them.

But I got pi$$ed at a conversation I had with a mom from the other team...

Bug was on the same team as her daughter last season. We would laugh and cut up during the games so during THIS one I decided to go kid around with her.

During half-time I walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder. Then I said, "OK... you guys have proved your point. You can stop scoring on us now." (It was like, 4-0 at the time). I was smiling and giggling to show her I was kidding.

She said - in a VERY condescending tone - "Oh we will. The coach will pull them back now and all we'll do is pass the ball."

I just stood there with my mouth open. I was trying to kid around with her and she was talking to me like our team sucked like a Hoover. I had to walk away. I didn't want to be ugly.

THEN, during J-man's end of season party later that night, the coaches wife came up to me and said that the coach of the other team came up to ours and told him he needed to have a parent meeting because his parents were being RUDE!!!! WE were being RUDE?

We were yelling and cheering our kids on to beat the socks off the team we were playing. How is THAT rude? And is what I said rude? I don't think so. Luckily, the coach laughed in her face and walked away.

There are times I hate soccer, but the kids love it. I just grin and bear it for their sakes and try not to let them see the ugly side of the games. Some parents just SUCK, ya know!


CindyDianne said...

We had the team stacking thing happen too! Trevor wasn't on the "good" team. Maybe it had something to do with him turning cart wheels while he was tending goal? LOL

I know it is frustrating, but biting your tongue so the kids can have fun is probably the best thing to do, and you are!

Keith Kennedy said...

Soccer moms and dads are nazi's.

Nicest thing you could do for that team is to get the big bag of poo and light it on the porch of the coach's house and ring the doorbell.

Yep, that's the only way.

Biddie said...

What ever happened to this being about the kids? Isn't it supposed to be about self esteem building, working as a team, and just plain fun for the kids?
I think that you hadnled this better than I would have...

coffeypot said...

I say take her out behind the bathrooms and beat the shit out of her. Or offer each of her kids a couple sticks of laxative chewing gum about a half hour before the game.

ccw said...

I've always found that the parents are what ruin sports.

Even when Kid L was very young and swimming, I was amzed by the way the parents treated not only their own swimmers but other kids.

I always just wanted to tell them that their kid was not going to the Olympics and was not getting a college scholarship. The odds are definitely in my favor where that is concerned.

rain said...

Isn't the point to have fun and learn some skills -both sport and social? We have the same issues here. I have never understood.

Burfica said...

I hate the sports around here. All the parents and coaches are that way. Well I shouldn't say all, but alot of them. It's horrid.

I'm so glad that Kiddo really doesn't like much of those sports. He likes football, but doesn't like soccer or baseball or basketball. My inlaws hate that, but tough crap.

SkippyMom said...

Case in point why my kids don't play county youth sanctioned sports anymore - don't get me started on football...bleech.

They [the nazi parents] will do ANYTHING to win and gloat. They're helicopter parents that control their kids' lives and then are surprised when they rebel and smoke dope....hee.

I don't need my kids in that arena anymore and it is bad for their morale to see that people cheat and get away with it. I teach my kids NOT to lie and the consequences of it...these parents think nothing of it.

You did the right thing...but were you truly "kidding" with the other Mom? [wink, wink] My claws would've been out by that point, as I suspect yours were too.....with good reason.

Hugs to the kids...Great Game!

Lisa said...

Sounds like she's the classic definition of a soccer mom. Beyotch!

GrizzBabe said...

Ditto what Lisa said!

I admire your restraint.

Canadian flake said...

holy cow that is what is wrong with kids sports today...parents that forget it IS supposed to be a game!! what buttheads they were..