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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So much happened on Heroes last night... I'm confused!
  • Who pushed Hiro's dad off the building and disappeared? I thought at first it was Sylar, but I'm not too sure now.
  • What is up with Ms. Patrelli and the "others"? Did Hiro's dad say there were nine more? A total of 13? What were/are they?
  • What type of power does Maya have? Her "victims" freaked me out! I thought at first she was going to be the character on the graphic novels that sucks the moisture out of folks... but that isn't what happened. I went to the NBC site and here is Maya's story...
  • How much did you LOVE when HRG had his "talkin' to" with the manager? I laughed out loud.
  • So Wes can fly, huh. Another one...
  • What was up with Nathan's face in the mirror. At first I thought it was Peter disguised as Nathan, but that wasn't the case. That was really confusing to me.
  • What's up with Molly? Bless her heart! Who is this boogie man and why is she after her? I know she can locate the "special" folks, but why is that deemed a threat? Or does this evil person want her to find the others so he can kill them? That would make sense... (see! Confused!)
  • Who was the company that wants Suresh to come work for them? Is is the same company that HRG worked for?
  • Love, love, love Hiro. I hate it that his illusion of his personal hero is destroyed! That is one reason why I don't like meeting famous people... they always let you down.

SO glad this show is back on! I'll be happy to get more stories... last night was like a catch-up kind of thing and it was confusing. Looks like we meet up with Sylar (he is lookin' good, too!) and Jessica next week. Woot!


Biddie said...

I am soo confused, too!
I had a feeling that West would be one of them - like Claire. I wasn't surprised to see him floating by her window.
I couldn't figure out the deal with Nathans reflection, either.
And how did Peter get locked in that shipping container? How long has been there? He has been missing for 4 months.
So many questions. I can't wait for next week!

her indoors said...

ok so i missed this the first time round over here, yes i am hooked now but am only on series one:-(

coffeypot said...

Just wait and see!

Craig said...

I assume that the person who pushed Sulu off the building is one of the group that he, Mama Petrelli, Dead Dad Petrelli, Linderman, and Charles (the guy that Peter was taking care of at the beginning of season 1) were all members of (maybe Claude, too). There were hints last year that there was an earlier group of superpowered humans who banded together, but eventually lost their way.

I think Nathan saw that with Peter because he is feeling guilty and that was him seeing Peter as he imagined him to look after going nuclear.

Molly is upset because of the guy who she refused to locate last year. He was "worse than the Boogeyman" (Sylar). So, we'll eventually meet someone worse than Sylar this year.

Yes, the company Mohinder is going to work for is the same one Noah worked for last year. That's why Noah said they'd work together to take it down.

I have a feeling that we will see Hiro turning this guy into the legend and finding out that he is responsible for the stories he was told as a boy. Of course, I could be very wrong.

Re: Biddie's question about how Peter got locked up in the shipping container. I have a feeling we'll probably find that one out in the episode (Episode 2.8 on November 5th, I think) that is titled "4 Months Ago" (as opposed to last night's "4 Months Later"). I'm afraid they may keep us hanging that long.

Craig said...

Oh, also did you like that Nathan had stolen the Jack-beard from the Lost season finale?

Marni said...

I *heart* you Craig! Make sure you come back every week to keep me un-confused! Everything you said makes perfect sense.

I love this show!

But I AM ready for Lost to come back. Whaaaa! Guess I'll have to make due with the Jack-beard for now! HA!

Biddie said...

I have to wait THAT long?!

DJ Andi said...

Can't read any of this until I watch it on the internet. I love this show. I hope it was as good as last year.

Craig said...

Thanks Marni. It's good to know that my obsessions are at least helping other people. :)

KLee said...

I was also a bit confused over Nathan's appearance in the mirror. My husband said that he thought it was what Nathan saw -- that he was looking at Peter. I dunno.

And Mr. Nakamura said "Now there are nine." I assume that meant that he and Mrs. Petrelli and the rest of the "others" made nine. Now that he's gone, there's eight. Unless the person who pushed him off the building was one of them as well, and also died. Who knows, though? If they're all "special", then maybe the killer could have survived that fall.

rain said...

I love this show! We were so happy it's back.

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