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Monday, July 16, 2007

Water fun

On Saturday Carl, the kids and I went with my mom and step-dad to his (step-dad's) family's reunion at Lake Hartwell (in South Carolina). SD's cousin owns a huge, beautiful home on the lake and we were invited to come up for the day to enjoy the water.

My kids are fish. The minute we got there they were ready to go swimming. We went to the dock and within minutes they were both jumping off the top deck into the lake below. I couldn't believe it!

About an hour after we arrived, the homeowner's son and two granddaughters arrived in their ski boat. Within minutes all the kids were best friends and clamoring to go out on the lake in the float. This is the view walking down to the lake...

The float is behind the boat -- I doubt you can see them, but Bug is on the left, J-man is in the middle, and one of the granddaughters is on the right.

They took off behind the boat - with several other members of the family riding along in it - and stayed gone for about 30 minutes. Mom and I went out with a few other folks on the pontoon boat and watched as J-man, Bug and the others bounced along behind the ski boat. They had a ball!

After lunch, R (the son) asked the kids if they knew how to kneeboard; they do not. He asked if they wanted to learn; they did. SO off they went again. Carl and I went with them this time -- I wasn't going to miss a minute of it.

Bug tried it first. She got some instruction from R and then headed to the water. As the boat started to pull her, she went face first in the water. We then realized one important piece of information we forgot to tell her... when she falls, she MUST let go of the rope. She was being dragged (?) along behind the boat screaming "STOP! SLOW DOWN!" while we were screaming at her to let go! When we got along beside her she was choking and crying - and MAD! Needless to say, she was done for the time being.

J-man jumped in and was ready to go. He received his instructions - including the part to let go of the rope - and we took off. It only took him four tries and he was up...

He stayed up as we went out of the cove we were in, then around an island, the to the dock where my mom was watching for us. (I do believe that was one of J-man's proudest moments.) All in all, I think he was up for 15 minutes or so. We went back to the original cove, stopped, and gave J-man more rope. He got right back up on the first try and, this time, actually went over the wakes!

I was so proud of him! He is extremely stoked about learning this new activity and is ready to do it again. My dad has offered to buy him a knee board so he can continue practicing and Bug can learn.

She got back in the water and tried several times, but could never quite get up and steady. She is bound and determined though. She can NOT let her brother outdo her.

So much fun!


her indoors said...

wow well done J-man and go for it Bug you can do it, i have never done any off those things, great time you all had.

coffeypot said...

It is amazing how much they have advanced in the water this summer. J-Man was doing good to tread water at the start of the summer, but now he is diving into the water and swimming arond and under the boat. Bug can float like a cork and swim almost as good as J-Man. They are a true joy to watch.

coffeypot said...

Yeah! I did it and it works!

Marni said...

Did what? I'm confused!

coffeypot said...

My coffeypot picture is now showing on my comments. Now I need to learn how to post pics.

Marni said...


Posting pictures is easy... call me later and I'll tell you how (again)...

melanie said...

i remember being in the water as a kid, how much fun that was! thanks for the share! I hope that she finally gets up on the knee board.