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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do you believe?

As we were walking through Walmart last night Bug looked up at me and said "Mom, do you believe in Santa?"

I nearly stumbled. I've been waiting on this question for a while now. J-man knows about Santa, but he has kept it quiet for Bug's sake -- and his, too. He knows that if she knows Santa won't come any more...

So I asked her...

"Why are you asking?"

B: My friends, _____ and _____, tell me that Santa is all a myth. They say that there are no reindeer that fly and Santa is just your parents that put presents under the tree."

M: So what do you think? Do you think he's real?

B: Yes. I do. I hear reindeers on our roof every Christmas and I hear their jingle bells when they take off.

M: Then he is real. As long as you believe in him, he is real.

I didn't want to break her heart in the middle of Walmart just 4 days away from Christmas! I want her to go on believing that the fat, jolly dude in a red suit comes to her house once a year. I don't want her to grow up so fast! If she had asked me any other time - or in any other location - I probably would have told her the truth.

I know Santa isn't the "reason for the season", but he is what kids relate to the most this time of year.

Did I do the right thing? Should I bring it up again and talk to her about it? Should I wait for her to approach me again?

You know what REALLY almost made me cry? After our conversation I felt a hand slip into mine and give it a little squeeze. It wasn't Bug's, or even Carl's... it was J-man's. I looked at him and he gave me the sweetest little smile. He knew the conversation threw me for a loop and was just giving me his support. He can act so mature for his age! There are times he takes my breath away...


Heidi the Hick said...

Oh that is beautiful.

And good for you to not break her heart in Walmart 4 days before Christmas!

When I was growing up I don't ever remember the old dude in the red suit being a part of our lives. We knew about it. We played along at school for the other kids sakes! Weird, eh?

I think you did the right thing. Let her be a child!

Paige said...

That made me tear up! You handled it perfectly and J-Man handled it even better! And I think that Beth STILL hears Santa and the reindeer bells to this day.

Life, or Something Like It said...

I think that you did the absolute right thing. Kids need to be kids as long as they can.
Anyway, in way, I still believe in Santa. His spirit, anyway.
You have such sweet kids, Marni.

Esther said...

I definitely think you did the right thing, and J-Man did an even better job. She'll figure it out at some point and be happy that she had the years when she believed in Santa.

China Doll said...

That's really sweet. You did the right thing.

Kids grow up really fast these days. There's no need to hurry them along. Let them believe for as long as they want. It's one of the last bastion's of innocence for them...let it ride.

Glad you stopped by my blog, feel free to link away!

KLee said...

I'm like you -- Offspring still tells me that she believes in Santa right now, and I play along for her sake. Who am I to kill that last little bit of magic for her?

Big hugs to JMan for keeping the secret quiet for his little sister's sake. He earns BIG brownie points for that! Also, I send Bug a wish for her to keep that little spark of magic somewhere within her.

barista brat said...

j-man's hand squeeze made me tear up!

i think you handled it perfectly.

oh! and sorry i haven't emailed you yet about the cd. i'll do it before christmas - i promise!

Chris said...

A-dor-a-ble. Thanks for that, Marni!

Jess said...

You totally did the right thing.

When I was in sixth grade, I accidentally spoiled the Santa fun for my cousin who was a grade behind me. I just assumed he knew by that age.

Hoo, aunt is still mad at me for that one.

Old Lady said...

You did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Just think of Polar Express... what an awesome movie that is....