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Friday, December 22, 2006

Chickee love

One of Carl’s co-workers has a daughter they adopted when she was an infant. Her life didn’t begin in the best way and being adopted by this family was truly a life-saving blessing. That, however, is not what this post is about. This post is about young love between this particular 9 year old girl and her “man”… my 11 year old son.

Yes. This chickee has a major crush on J-man. And he is taking FULL advantage of it.

(All the girls in this particular family have crushes on the men in my house. They have another little girl, who is 4, that thinks the sun rises and sets on Carl. Yes, CARL. She has pictures of him on their refrigerator… she is another post for another time)

Chickee and her family came to our house at Halloween so we could see their costumes. They hung out for a few minutes then went on their merry way to visit other folks. Later that night, Chickee told her dad that J-man was “lookin’ FINE”.

Carl has yet to let J-man live that down…

This past weekend we had Carl’s co-workers over for their Christmas party. Chickee and her family came. The kids ran off to play. The adults hung out eating, drinking and laughing it up.

After it was all over, Bug let us know that they played spin the bottle and J-man kissed Chickee. Now mind you, the only kids there were Bug, J-man, Chickee, her four year old sister, and a 2 year old baby! Who else were they going to kiss? I asked J-man about it and he turned four shades of red and nodded his head that he, indeed, had kissed her, but on the cheek!

J-man now thinks he is a stud. And, according to Chickee’s dad, she can’t stop talking about him. She is in luuuuvvvv… Do you think if I told her that sometimes he gets poop on his finger and wipes it on the toilet seat that she would leave him alone? (That is if he wipes his butt at all!)


Life, or Something Like It said...

LOL! No, I don't think that will dicourage her. Once a girl sets her sights on a man....For J-man doesn't stand a chance!
That is too cute. Does J-man have a little crush on her, too?

Life, or Something Like It said...

Oops. I meant POOR J-man doesn't stand a chance!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. tell her about the poop.

At my house it's a little different. My boys are older, so they are just getting into the adolescent love crap. This girl likes me, but just wants to be friends, but doesn't want me to like anyone else.

Oh, the drama. LOL!

SkippyMom said...

The Porcupine still believes at 9 - and I love it. Her 13 yo sister keeps it alive for her too-I couldn't do it without her.

J-man is incredibly sweet!


Old Lady said...

I am lauging so hard!