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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm so embarrassed

This is probably something I shouldn't write about. Once I hit the "publish" button it will be out there for the world to read and judge me and my family.

I've been struggling all morning on whether or not to rant about it... Should I risk the possiblity that people will say "ewwww"? Should I risk writing about it in hopes that people will understand and not think that we are gross and nasty? I mean, our house is clean. My kids take baths every night. I wash my sheets. I make sure clothes are clean.

So what is it? Why am I freaking out?

My kids have lice.


Last August they got those nasty creatures from somewhere and it took us 4 months to get rid of them. J-man was easy - we just shaved his head. Bug, though? 4 months of anquish going through her head night after night. We would think they were gone and two weeks later - BOOM. More creepy things in her hair. We wound up getting a prescription from the doctor that cost us $125 (insurance didn't cover it). It smelled like gasoline and she had to leave it in her hair for 12 hours, but worked like a charm. I'm going to try the over the counter stuff again before going that route. We know how to get the nits out now. We fuss, argue and fight, but it gets done.

I want to cry. I'm itching all over just thinking about it. I want to get home and go through her hair, but she has a tournament tonight. We won't get home until right at bedtime. I guess one more day won't hurt.

Gross. I just feel gross...

Do you think less of me?


Heidi the Hick said...

I do not think you're gross! If anything those nasty little critters stick themselves to clean hair. Sad but true.

We had two rounds of it a few years ago. It's nightmarish. All four of us had it.

Once it's gone be vigilant for many months- it seems like it's easy for a reinfestation. And comb tea tree oil through their hair for prevention. (Biddie swears by that stuff.)

Good luck!

Marni said...

How often do you put it in their hair? Where do I get it. I'm desperate for a solution!

Life, or Something Like It said...

I did struggle with lice for YEARS. Seriously, with 3 girls? We would get rid of it, and it would be back.
You can get tea tree oil at Wal-Mart or any health food store. It's about $9 for a little bottle. Mix it in with shampoo - not 2in1- save the conditioner for later. Leave it in for about 10 minutes. You can use conditioner after it's rinsed out, if you want. Comb it out with a lice comb. You may have to do this a couple of days in a row. Combing tea tree oill thru the hair daily can help, hairspray helps ( lice prefer clean hair)
If you are taking anti biotics, this seems to kill them, too. I have used the prescription shampoo, and it actually burned KC's scalp.
Man, it's such a hassle. When my kids were getting it, it seemed to come from these 2 girls..1 was in Kk's class, and 1 was in J's class. Their mom never took care of it and it the whole class would be reinfested in DAYS.
Don't feel badly, it happens. Call if you need any help, ok? Trust me, been there, done that, bought the T shirt!

Chris said...

I actually think more of you for being open about it. It's gotta be a real bitch to have to deal with it.

Claudia said...

I don't have kids but from hearing people talk, it's apparently quite common. I remember being in grade school and being lined up for lice check (like 2nd or 3rd grade) Nowadays that probably wouldn't happen, but it makes sense to me to make sure that it doesn't spread. I'm betting your kids picked it up from someone....

Life, or Something Like It said...

They still do lice checks at my daughter's school. Thank goodness we haven't had aproblem in a few yrs now. Truthfully, there hasn't been a problem since those 2 girls moved to another school.

Marni said...

It's funny 'cause Bug said she had to do a lice check last week and seh was deemed "free"... guess they knew someone had it and was checking the kids. Obviously not close enough!

Biddie: Where do I find that stuff in Walmart? Just went to Kroger and couldn't find it anywhere.

her indoors said...

hey lice only like clean hair! my head is itching now, good luck with the termination

Life, or Something Like It said...

Marni, check your e mail. Call or email if you need any more help!

Marni said...

Mine itches, too. YUCK!

Biddie: I'll check it when I get home from Bug's tournament.

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I do not think less of you. My friends 3 daughters all had lice... she would get it cleared up, then they would go visit their dad and it would start all over again.

Good luck!!

Erin said...

I agree with the others. I give you props for talking about it. I dislike the stigma associated with it that only dirty people get lice. Ba-lo-nie!

We had it as kids and it was really embarassing. The neighbors all blamed our family because we had dogs! Are you kidding me?!

Good luck!

SkippyMom said...

An UNEQUIVICAL HELL NO I don't feel less of you....I admire you for talking about this - we haven't experienced it in years, but.....

Any chance you saw Squirrels hair in the pic I posted of her? Let me tell you how hard it is to get LICE out of her head [thick hair down to her rearend - and the Porcupine ACKKKKK]....I have nightmares thinking about it...and everytime it was taken care of back to my ex's she would go - they would lay...and two weeks later it started all over.....

She ended up giving it to my Mom accidently and I thought I would die -

I don't have any advice - I wish I did...just the usual...WASH EVERYTHING - VACUUM all the time...and use the nit comb, boil the brushes and use the nit stuff..

Biggest of hugs, but not too close baby....I never, ever want to do that again! LOL

Bless your heart - we feel for you
Be viligant!

Marni said...

Thank you everyone.

Just found out that the kids' best friends have them, too. They came and spent the night this past week so we're not sure who gave it to whom, but I think Bug's friend is mad at her. It's just an eight year-old being embarrassed... I just hope they remain friends.

I truly appreciate all of your kind words. It is making it much easier to deal with. I wish it were over already. I'm exhausted just thinking about going thru their hair.

Let me go get started.

Ann said...

Nah, lice could happen to anyone and, as someone already pointed out, lice like clean hair. SO the fact that your kids got lice means their hair was clean to begin with. Good luck dealing with it. It sucks.

DJ Andi said...

So sorry you and the kids are having to deal with it. I haven't encountered it, but it makes my head crawl too. I guess the best thing to do once they are cleared is try to figure out where they are coming from. Sounds like school, but how easy is it to get them? I would think you would have to be really close, or share pillow/hat or something similar to get them but that's just my ignorance I am sure. Good luck. keep us posted.

mjd said...

Oh Marni,
I am sorry, but I have been there too. What useful thing did I do? I cried. It sounds like you have good advice from your readers. Take care

Mother of Invention said...

It's a drag! I've taught for 25 years and I can't believe I've never had them. I always was careful and wore my hair up. My sister's twins with long blond hair had them. She spent hours on their hair.

Good the time you read this maybe they'll be gone!

KLee said...

I was reading just tonight that some guy has invented a vacuum-like thing for lice!

Sorry that the kids have gotten it! We have to be VERY careful at school because of it.

Don't feel bad -- it goes around at school. We know it didn't come from YOUR house.