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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To doctor is in

I am stoked! Carl and I bought a new living room set a couple of days ago. We have been saving and searching for the perfect set for quite some time. And it is being delivered TODAY!


I get to watch Lost on a new comfy couch. Or I could sit in one of the reclining love seat chairs. Or I could pull out the sofa bed and watch it laying down.

Decisions. Decisions.

I can't wait!


barista brat said...

we demand photos!

SkippyMom said...

New furniture is the best! I am excited for you! What's it look like? [I'm w/Brat .... pics!]
Can't wait to see!

ccw said...

How exciting! My new (and first picked and purchased by me) bedroom furniture came last week. I love getting furniture.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Yay!! I remember when our furniture was brand felt like Christmas!!
Are we getting photos?

KLee said...

Man -- I wish I'd be getting a new couch! Lucky you! :) I'm with everyone on the demand for pics!

Marni said...

I'm going to attempt to post pictures... but no guarantees!

DJ Andi said...

Definitely need pictures. How nice to have such diferent options to watch TV.

Beth said...

I second the Brat; let's see some photos! Pose the pugs.