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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Ep. 6

This past week has been scandalous for Dancing with the Stars. Sarah Evans has dropped out because of her marital problems. GASP! I wonder how they will deal with the whole situation. We will find out tonight. I'm in front of my computer for the next hour and a half to give you play by play... again.

I wish she had dropped out last week... only so I could see Max again. Oh well.

They are doing individual dances and then a group "disco"routine. Oh, that will be interesting! Too bad Vivica isn't here to wear one of her FAB sixties wigs... can you imagine?

I got to see Max after all! He performed the jive and the rhumba! I've had my fix... now I can settle in and watch the rest.

Individual Dances

Mambo - Dayum that boy is hot! Smokin' hot! The judges couldn't say he was "stiff" tonight. That was a lot of fun to watch. I haven't seen Joey yet (obviously) but if I had to choose right now -- Mario would win.

How sweet -- they dedicated their dances to Sarah... awwww.

Monique: Samba - The predance clip scared me. What the hell is "crumping" and who the hell was that scary-ass clown? He tried to teach Monique this crumping techinique and it was ugly to watch!

As for Monique's regular dance - the freestyle dance she did at the beginning was not attractive. It was a little too ghetto for me... not classy ballroom at. all. She had energy, but her solo performance sucked. Once she started dancing with Louie it was nice - except for the shimmy shakes she kept doing. Didn't like those. She needs to stick to dancing with her partner. Not by herself. She may actually go home this week. (What do I know though? I haven't predicted the correct one yet!)

Joey: Rhumba - Sexy dance, but I be darned if he wasn't licking his lips during the dance! Looked a little jumpy at the end, like they lost concentration... could it have been the lip licking or Joey actually singing the song!?! On a positive note, it was one heck of a dance. I even commented to Carl that anyone that can move- or dance - like that - is just damn sexy. He agreed, but I think he was watching the girl. At least I hope so! :)

Emmitt: Jive - I love to watch him do this type of dance; he looks like he is having a ball. He is so cute and entertaining! I LOVED this performance. I told Carl that he doesn't look light on his feet like his partner. Carl quickly informed me that he is light on his feet. After all, he is Emmitt Smith! Oh yeah... Carl also said "God Bless Texas" after seeing the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders... I just puked a little in my mouth.

Jerry: Paso Doble - That was pitiful. He needs to go home. I didn't see any dancing tonight; just a lot of throwing a cape around and stomping of feet. It may have been entertaining but it wasn't a dance. A judge called it gimmicky and I think that is the perfect word for it. They got the lowest scores and it was deserved.

Group Disco Freestyle

No judge's scores on this one... it was entirely for viewers.

Acrobatics, lifts, the bump, Jerry "Sprinkler" and a Michael Jackson danceoff. VERY fun and entertaining! Iwanted to get out there and do it with them... the best and most entertaining session of the season.

... and then there was Sarah

They played a video taped interview. I applaud her decision to leave the show. Her kids and family DO come first, and her leaving was the best thing to do. She will be home with her children during this difficult time where she belongs. This is going to be a nasty, nasty story for the next few months. I hope she is as strong as she sounds.

That's it for tonight! Bye!


DJ Andi said...

I agree. Go Sara...I hope that SOB rots in hell if that's what he's been doing. It's bad enough to be that dishonest, but to have kids and let them see him watch some of that stuff is just wrong. I'm off my soap box the show, missed it tonight - I took a friend out for dinner and drinks for her birthday but I figured I would get the lowdown from your blog.

Guess we'll see if Sara's husband can dig himself out of this hole or if he's in it for the long haul. We'll see!

Coffeypot said...

What? What? What happened to Sara? Who is Sara? I don't watch the show, so WTF? Who is her husband and what did he do that is so bad for the kids? Shoud I put a contract out on him? Break his knees? Take away his remote control? What?

Marni said...

Andi: Hope you had fun, and I hope my blog did the night justice.

Coffeypot: We'll talk... let's just say it involves a nanny, pornography (not at the same time), naked pictures and the kids witnessing some of it. Nasty stuff. And Sarah is Sarah Evans - of "Suds in the Bucket" fame...