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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost thoughts - part 2

I watched tonight without taking notes. I decided to enjoy the show and try not to read too much into it. So what did I think? Loved it --- again. BUT...
  1. Did Sun's lover think Jin was accusing him of his affair? Jin didn't know a thing about it, but the lover didn't know that.
  2. How did the "others" get on the boat without getting wet? Where did they come from?
  3. Why didn't Benry know about the boat? I thought he would. Also, he's been on the island "all his life"? What's up with that?
  4. So Freckles tastes like strawberries? I wish a man would kiss me like that! Been a LONG time.
  5. What is up with the television screens? Benry is watching everything... is that how Juliette knew where to find Sawyer when he escaped?
  6. Where the hell is Hydra? How close is it to where the cages are?
  7. Juliette is everywhere isn't she? She has some sort of killer background, too. Literally. I want to see her flashback.
  8. Could there be a love triangle between Ben, Juliette, and Connie? (Connie is the lady that came down into Hydra to tell Ben about the boat -- but you knew that, right?)
  9. Can't wait til next week - Charlie, Hurley, Locke, Clair, Eko, and Desmond. Plus it looks like the monster is back. YAY!

Anyone else like to chime in? I'm tired and headed to bed. I'm sure I will think of more and will post tomorrow... in the mean time... what do you think?


Invisible Lizard said...

This definitely felt like one of those "stringing you along" episodes, as opposed to last week's "taking a step forward" episode. Nothing really new was revealed. Although I do wonder what the fallout will be from Sun shooting Connie.

Marni said...

I'm not sure what the fallout will be, but I bet it's a doosie. I enjoyed the show... even though I kept wondering "is that significant?"

Life, or Something Like It said...

What's up with Ecko that John is off to save him? I want to get caught up with everyone..Hurley, Charlie, Claire, ALL of the survivors..
How is it possible for Benry to have been on that island his whole life? What does he want from Jack?? You just KNOW that the cliffhanger will be HUGE and we'll be waiting until February!

Esther said...

The boat was at the dock, so they didn't need to get wet. I thought Ben already knew about the boat, since they'd mentioned it earlier.

I get this feeling Jack's going to give in, while Kate keeps trying to find out about him. Why isn't he asking about them?

Marni said...

Life: I'm not looking forward to the wait. at. all. I can't wait until next week to get caught up with the original cast... I like them so much better!

Esther: They still had to walk down the dock to get to the boat -- how did they get past Jin and Sayid. Of course, they did have to run quite a ways to get back to the boat. Big dummies.

As for Jack - he is so messed up with his own inner demons I doubt he is thinking of anyone else. He is pretty selfish...

Chris said...

Marni- Can you believe I totally forgot about Lost!? Luckily my friend has it on Tivo.

her indoors said...

we have only just finished series 2 over in england what series are you on?

Marni said...

Chris: Forget? Lost? I'm shocked! What could be soooo important that you forgot it? :)

Her Indoors: we are on season 3 -- watch out for spoilers when you read this!

Ann said...

I was totally blown away by this episode.
First off, I thought Sun was only taking English lessons from the lover. Guess I was wrong and that may be the answer to who's baby Sun is carrying since that dr told her Jin was sterile.
Secondly, I think Benry is going to ask Jack to treat Connie's gunshot wound. That may not be what he originally wanted from Jack but I bet that's going to be the deal he eventually makes with Jack.
Benry's been on the island his whole life? Hmmm, not sure I believe that but I guess only time will tell.
I know some people will say that we didn't really get any new information, but I think we did. I love this show.
By the way, Chris, you can watch full episodes (without commercials) on

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