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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go to girl

I am always teasing Carl about being the “nosey neighbor.” You know who I’m talking about – the neighbor that is always walking the streets of the neighborhood and talking to everyone s/he runs into. S/he is always watching out their windows to see who is driving by, moving in/out, arguing in the front yard, etc.

If anything moves outside our front door, Carl is there to see what or who it is. He knows what everyone in our neighborhood drives and can tell if there is a stranger going by. In his line of work he has to be aware of his surroundings, so it doesn’t surprise me that he acts that way. He stops the neighborhood’s project manager and talks to him, he cruises through the neighborhood and talks to our neighbors, and he answers any calls that come in for our area. Still, I make fun of him for being so nosey.

The other day, I was outside talking to Chrissy, Mark and another neighbor, Anita. We were talking about all the shenanigans in the neighborhood. We talked about Sammi’s almost fire, who has been arrested for this and that, the neighborhood “slut”, the rivalries between neighbors, which lots are closing, etc.

It suddenly came to my attention that I was the one telling all the stories. The neighbors were asking me questions and I knew the answers! I told them, laughing, about how I call Carl the nosey neighbor and Chrissy said “He may be the nosey neighbor, but, honey, you are the GO TO GIRL!"

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I get my stories from Carl… I don’t think they would believe me.


Life, or Something Like It said...

At the townhouse complex where my x and I lived, our next door neighbour was SOO nosy. We called her Mrs. Kravitz( from Bewitched ). She knew EVERYTHING. Now Hubby teases me that I'M Mrs. Kravitz. Can I help it if I 'notice' stuff? Sheesh...Besides, he's always the first one to ask...who's that? what's going on?....I just like to keep well informed - for his sake.

Marni said...

Absolutely! I like to be informed, too... just don't want to be called nosey.

Coffeypot said...

I’m not saying he’s a gossip, but the three fastest means of communication is the telephone, television and tell Carl. You should put up a white picket fence.

Old Lady said...

I like my windows & blinds open. I like looking outside. Because of it I kept a neighbor's Cadillac from being stolen by a bunch of juveniles one night. But, I don't usually go around and visit. I too go to the 'go to person'. I have found that the 'mens' do most of the tale telling.

Beth said...

And what's wrong will being well-informed?