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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The sprinkle battle continues

During Bug's birthday party I had the brilliant idea to let the girls decorate their own cupcakes. I bought about 5 bottles of different colored sprinkles along with chocolate and vanilla icing. Yummy, right?!

Well, we had a little 4 year old joining us for the first part of the celebration. (She didn't spend the night). I had forgotten what it was like to have a child that young in the house. She was a trip! I cut off her sugar intake after the cupcake incident (I'm getting to it!) and the M&Ms. I told her that her mommy was going to spank me. She just giggled and said "You so funny Miss Marni! My mommy not gonna pank you!" Then she kept saying "I can have one more sugar, Miss Marni. One more sugar. It OK! I promise!"

Now to the cupcake incident. All the girls were decorating their little cakes. The 4 year old didn't put any icing on hers but proceeded to pour some of EVERY sprinkle on her cake. I didn't want to stop her creative juices! I don't want to be the one that squashed her dream of being a famous baker. She would dump some sprinkles and say "Oooopsy!" I just watched her with growing apprehension.

This is her cupcake half-way through decorating it!

All of you probably know EXACTLY what I am going to say. She decided to take a bite of her cupcake. She picks it up and ever. so. slowly. tilts it. Spinkles rain down on the paper towel, her, the chair, the floor, the dogs -- everywhere! I laughed that crazy "Oh crap - look at what you let her do but it is ok because everything cleans up" kind of laugh.

Guess what?! That shit doesn't clean up! My floor looks like it has confetti all over it. I sweep, I vaccuum, I get on my hands and knees with a wet paper towel and it doesn't do ANY good! It wasn't just my 4 year old little buddy that did it -- no, all the girls were culprits.

It will be cleaned up eventually - the memory of those girls sitting at my kitchen table laughing and decorating cupcakes makes it all worth it.


nancy said...

The dogs won't lick it up?

Marni said...

Unfortunately, no. Their snouts are so little that they smell it but when they tilt their head to lick it -- they can't find them! Plus the sprinkles don't have a lot of taste, so the boys aren't all that interested.

Beth said...

Great story! You should include a photo of your confetti'ed floor.

KLee said...

I had something like this happen once (Girl Scouts, decorate-your-own cookies) and I used a Swiffer to get them up. Swiffer has these wet cloths with a scrubbing strip on them. I used the scrubby strip to loosen the gunk up, and hten swiffered up the rest of it. Worked pretty well. :)