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Monday, July 03, 2006

My sweet boy

I haven't talked a lot about my boys in these postings - and it IS named It's A Pug's Life after all. Let me tell you the story of one of them... (I have tried to add a photo, but, for some reason, Blogger isn't uploading - some people would say that is a good thing)

Grimmy was a rescue from Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption (SEPRA). We don't know much about his prior life other than he was given to SEPRA because his original family had a baby who was allergic to dogs. I question that, but it is something only he knows. I can tell you, though, he is the sweetest, most loving animal I have ever had. He is so thankful to have a new family that he will do anything to please us.

Don't get me wrong. We had issues when he first arrived. He marked anything and everything in the house (and we got him only days after moving into a brand new house!). We spent a lot of time following him around and cleaning up after him. We even had to put baby gates up to keep him from wondering about the house and surprising us with new markings. But now that he realizes he isn't going anywhere, he is content to be a big ol' lap baby. When he wants loving he just melts into your side. He will give you the most pitiful looks that just beg you to love on him.

I love Dozer... believe me. He was purchased from a breeder and he is a momma's boy, but there is something about Grimmy that just pulls at my heartstrings. He is SO sweet - and protective!!! Any little noise and he is up and growling/barking. He doesn't want Carl to go to work either. When he gets up to leave, Grim will wrap his front paws around Carl's legs or bite on his boots just to trip him up. He puts his little paws on the baby gate and whines after Carl walks out the door. He is daddy's boy.

The other day Dozer was in my lap and Grim didn't like it one little bit. He grabbed a toy that Dozer likes to play with and ran in front of the couch several times. Dozer just watched him run and looked at him like "yeah, I see ya, but I'm in THE best place and I'm not moving." Grim would then jump on the couch and squeek the toy. You could tell Dozer wanted it, but he wasn't going to budge. Finally, Grim grabbed a rope toy and Dozer couldn't take it any more. He jumped off my lap and grabbed the rope ready to play tag with Grimmy. So what does Grimmy do? Jumps in my lap and yawns... he won that battle!

I have told the kids that some day they will start running around with their friends or go away to college and all I will have are the boys. They are my "forever" babies and I love them to bits. It is 100% unconditional!

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Beth said...

I need to meet Grimmy and Dozer. Doesn't Blogger drive you crazy sometimes? Would love to see those photos ...