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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A message from Dozer

Hi! Dozer here... Mom is away from the computer so I thought I would write a quick note just to introduce myself and my brother, Grimmy. Mom has been bitchin' that she couldn't get our pictures to load, but it wasn't hard for me! Guess she wasn't holding her mouth right or somethin'. Maybe it just takes a pug's touch? Anyway... here we are...

Bet you would give ANYTHING to be able to lay like this, huh? Well, when you are the prince of the family -- you can! Mom sneaks up on me and give me kisses while I wrap my front paws around her neck. She thinks I don't hear her coming, but I do... that's why I do it! I want her to love on me. She always seems to be giving Grimmy all the attention and I don't like it one little bit! I know she loves me, it's just that Grimmy is very selfish and I have to do whatever it takes to get her attention -- and this works!

And speaking of Grimmy - here he is. He has on Mom's glasses. Doesn't he look like a little old man? He's not as handsome as me, but he is a pretty good guy. For those of you that don't know, he was a rescue. Mom and Dad got him for me because I was lonely. We love to play tug of war and see who can get on Mom's lap the fastest. Grimmy usually wins because he is skinnier than me; I'm just a big ol' lump of love.

Here we are playing with our ring... I'm the dapper one in red. You can see that Grimmy is a little taller than me, but I make up for it in roundness.

Well, here comes Mom. Let me log off of here. Won't she be surprised to see pictures of us on the computer? Hee hee... gonna go kick some Grimmy butt now - or maybe I'll take a nap - or eat something. Decisions, decisions. Until next time...

Dozer (aka the Doze Monster, Dozeman, Buttface, Sweetheart, Stinkbutt, Fatman, Sweetboy) and Grimmy (aka Grim, Grim Reaper, Meaness, Cuteness, Old Man, Handsome Man)


Beth said...

What adorable boys! I want to kiss a belly!!!

nancy said...

Now I wanna pug!! In fact, I always have, but we ended up rescuing a husky/collie mix...but I still wanna pug!! (especially now)

Marni said...

Thank you! They are like potato chips -- you can't have just one! I LOVE my boys!

barista brat said...

haha, that's exactly how my cats sleep!

Old Lady said...

Okay Grim & Dozer, stop chasing the birds away!

KLee said...

Eek! Doggies! You must warn me when you are putting up cute pictures as Offspring will lurk around the computer as I try to read blogs, trying to catch glimpses of them!

What camera hounds! (But, I mean that in the good way!)

ziggystardust73 said...


I think I've just fallen in love. With Dozer. No, Grimmy. No, Dozer.

Oh, I'll just take the both of them.