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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

Eight years ago today the sweetest little girl came into the world. She was a fashion diva even then. She had the strangest head of hair anyone had ever seen; it was dark at the roots with blonde hair and reddish highlights (typical Southern girl, don't cha think?). The nurses where in awe of her and would come to our room just to see it. I was in awe just because it was my girl.

I had always wanted a girl. When I got pregnant the first time, and found out it was a boy, I was disappointed. J-man, however, has turned out to be the best kid on the block. He's smart, funny, wait... I'm not supposed to do his story for another couple of weeks. I'll stop there.

Anyway, after raising a boy, I didn't know how I would handle a little girl. It turns out I can do it just fine. She is just like me -- bless her heart. She has a temper. She is demanding. She is bossy. But she is also kind, loving, and one good snuggler!

She is horse crazy, too. No dolls for her unless they come with a horse. She has horse posters, books, movies -- and don't get her anything else. She started taking riding lessons at 5 but recently fell in love with soccer. She still wants to ride, but claims she can't do two things at once; she is going to practice being Mia Hamm for a while and then go back.

I am looking forward to seeing the type of woman Bug turns out to be. She has fierce loyalty to her friends and family. She has an independent streak a mile long. She really takes things in, mulls them over in her mind and then comes out with the most intelligent questions or observations I have ever heard from an eight year old. I love to watch her face while she is doing this. You can "see" her mind working - such concentration and contemplation. You can tell when things click, too. I can't describe it... she just suddenly sits up a tiny bit and has a look of - like - clarity. It is fascinating!

We have a mantra in our house... ask her what the time line is and she'll say "High school, college, marriage, babies"... yep. Started that one pretty much before she could talk. I am always talking to her about her future so I hope she sticks with the timeline and finds someone that will love her as much - or more - than her Daddy and I do.

She may only be 8 but I feel like I've known her all my life and I love her more and more each day. Have a wonderful birthday, Bug. You are my girl. My silly, sweet angel. I love you SO much!

So, chickee, are you ready to go to QT and get some coffee?


Beth said...
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KLee said...

Happy Birthday! I hope she had a wonderful day!

Marni said...
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Cooper said...
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nancy said...

Happy Birthday to your growing up little girl (lady?)!

liz said...

Happy Birthday!