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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!

OK - just watched American Idol... after Katherine sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" I was worried. BUT, after her "debut" song I am convinced Taylor is the winner. He has soul, control, and a personality... He may not have the Idol "look", but I believe he will be bigger than Kelly Clarkson and all the others combined. He just has it. I loved his song choices even though his debut song leaves something to be desired.

I do like Katherine, don't get me wrong. She has the pipes and the looks to be an Idol, but to me Taylor is the clear winner.

Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Wooooo!


Beth said...

So ... you gonna watch "AI" tonight, or the season finale of "Lost"? This is your version of hell, isn't it?

Marni said...

Yep, but I only need to see the last 5-7 minutes of AI -- I don't know if I'll miss much of Lost, but I will wait until a commercial and then jump over.

I'm pretty confident on who is going to win... if he loses I will be completely shocked...

As for Lost - I am going to be in withdrawls for a few weeks... I hope tonight gives me enough to chew on throughout the summer!