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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Open casting call

Well, we did it! Carl and I went to the open casting call for The Amazing Race! (That was the fun thing I mentioned in my last post) We stood in line for two hours in order to talk in front of a camera for two minutes - which Carl and I only spoke for about 45 seconds. We were so nervous!

One of the items on my 10 things to do before I die is to be on a reality show. This is my first step to achieving that goal. I don't know if we will be picked, but hey, at least we gave it a shot!

If we are picked, we will hear something in July... then we will have to fly to LA for an interview. If we make the final cut, the show starts taping in October; we would be gone for 30-40 days.

I know Carl and I would be awesome for the show. We would defintely entertain! For our audition tape we got their attention! I told them about losing 100+ pounds with gastric bypass and then said the million bucks would really help me get my tummy tuck and boob job... Carl then said "I'm a cop and I like boobs, too!" The people in the room while we filmed our tape cracked up! As we were leaving, one guy said "I can't believe he said he was a cop and that he liked boobs!" I think we made an impression!

Keep your fingers crossed! We know we can do it - now I just hope we can convince CBS!

As the hippies said (and is now my mantra) = Put on some pants - it's time to dance!

1 comment:

Beth said...

COOL!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you two. Wouldn't that be the coolest?