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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost is so cool!

What an awesome episode! My thoughts:
  • Can Walt teleport? Is that why people have seen him in the woods but can't understand him? That would be so cool!
  • A boat! Where the heck did that kind of boat come from? They can't get all the Losties on it at one time... that will be a nasty fight.
  • What is up with the injections? I know Charlie said he got them off the pallet - what is that stuff for?
  • Where is Locke walking off to? What is he up to now?
  • Finally, how awesome is Sayid? He has one conversation with Michael and can tell he has been affected by the others. Just love that guy! Smart and good looking - what more can you ask for?!
I'll be hooked on the Pop Candy and Tailsection boards tomorrow. I can't wait to see everyone's take on what happened tonight and where it leads the Losties.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I've never seen "Lost," but I hear it's amazing. I may have to rent the series this summer.