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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost Geek!

OK - I'm a Lost Geek and I admit it. I cannot tell you how obessessed I am with that show! I have joined a discussion forum (The Tailsection) and read the posts all the time; I've even posted a time or two! On Thursdays I spend hours going back and forth to Pop Candy on USA Today reading the posts there. It is addictive!

I cannot wait until tonight! What is going to happen with Michael? Will Jack and/or Sawyer put the pieces together and figure out that Michael is the one that shot Ana Lucia and Libby? Where is Henry Gale? Why is Mr. Eko not building the church and why does Charlie care? What happened to Desmond and the polar bear? What the heck IS that smoke?!

So many questions and so little answers!

Many people think I'm nuts, but if you are a true Lostie, you will understand my obssession. I will try to post tonight after this episode and let you know my thoughts...

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