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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

American Idol - final 3

I still haven't changed my mind - Taylor is the one to beat.

Elliott wasn't on his game tonight. Granted, he did a great job on his last song, but the other two were awful. I think I could stand listening to his CD, but I couldn't watch him sing on a video for nuttin'.

Katherine knocked "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" out of the park. That WAS her best performance to date. I think it may have saved her from elimination tomorrow night... she will be in the final two. (I also loved the dress she was wearing during her last performance -- very hot with the boots!)

Taylor -- what can I say -- the guy has charm, charisma, and who can't help but smile when he dances? Loved him singing Joe Cocker - he acts and sounds just like him! But what was Clive thinking? That Springsteen song was awful for him! He needs more soul and less rock and roll. I could go on and on, but all I will say is "SOUL PATROL! SOUL PATROL!"

My prediction for final two as of tonight is Taylor and Katherine with Taylor the winner of American Idol! I'll be checking Dial Idol first thing in the morning to see what they say...


Beth said...

I don't watch "AI" -- it comes on during "Gilmore Girls" -- but I caught most of Katherine singing "Over the Rainbow" and was blown away.

Beth said...

You called it, girl!