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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be still my heart...

This is some of the cast of The Walking Dead. I LOVE random, silly pictures of these people. They always seem to be having the best time. I know most by real name, but I will give you characters and how I feel about them.

Michonne (in the veeeery back with red wig) - biggest female badazz on the show. She was introduced in Season 3 and I squealed when I saw her. In the comics she is a force to be reckoned with. They haven't quite got to that point yet with her, but I can see it coming. She carries a Katana and uses the walkers for pets. Soooo cool.

The Governor (shooting a bird with Mickey Mouse glove) - his character is cray-cray, but I love him. He and Rick Grimes hate one another and it was the battle between the Governor's Woodbury and Rick's Prison that was the focus of Season 3. He and Michonne hate, hate, hate one another, but I guess you would hate Michonne, too, if she killed off your creepy-azz zombie daughter.

Tyreese (Thundercat) - he is a newbie to the show, but in the comic book he is larger than life. Cannot WAIT to see what they do with him next season.

Glenn (with the bow/arrow) - dawwww... love him so much! He is engaged to Maggie (the one with the space bowl on her head). They are a great couple and so sweet together. Their story will be pivotal next season. Glenn is becoming a leader and I fear he will leave the safety of the prison... we shall see!

Darryl Dixon (bear hat and axe) - LOVE him. He is, by far, my favorite character on the show. Every girl loves the bad boy. If I were ever in a zombie apocolypse... this redneck is who I want to be with... oh yeah.

Herschel (with the beard and the arrow thru his head) - Maggie's dad... veterinarian... lost a leg. He is the moral compass of the group. I'm afraid his time is coming to an end this season and, gawd, if it happens I will miss him. Brilliant actor.

Greg Nicotero (sunglasses in front) - Executive Producer, Director, Special Effects Guru... he is brilliant and makes this show what it is.

Rick Grimes (silly hat and sword) - The MAIN character of the show - and one sexy beast. I wish you could see more of him here. GAH. He plays a Sheriff's deputy that was shot prior to the ZA. He wakes up in the hospital to a crazy world. He was going through a mental breakdown in Season 3, but seems to have gotten out of it with his run-in with the Governor. Next season may see his group splinter... I know what happens in the comic... curious to see if they take the same course. I just hope he reigns in his psychopathic kid before it is too late.

I wish more of the cast were in this picture, but my faves are here... Darryl... Tyreese... Michonne... The Guvnah...

Come on October 13th! (And yes... this picture is now my screensaver)

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