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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Never tell your husband you have puppy fever

See that handsome boy over there?

Meet Walker.

He is a 10 week old black lab that we picked up from animal control, and is the new love of my life.

Grimmy passed away a little over a year ago. Our little family seemed complete, but lately I felt like we were missing something. I started dreaming about puppies and seeing them everywhere. I didn't want to get one! I was only thinking about them... A LOT.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I told Carl I had puppy fever. Well... if you know Carl you will know that when I tell him something like that he won't stop until he fulfills that wish. (Baby fever NEVER comes out of this mouth... EVER)

This weekend we were browsing our county's animal shelter website and saw two puppies... one named Sunny (A blonde lab/retriever mix) and Bear (a black lab). We look at this site occasionally but never felt drawn to any animals until we saw these two. So, on a whim, we decided to go to the shelter and look at them in person; to check out their personalities.

The "pod" that Sunny was in was closed. So we walked past soooo many cages of puppies/dogs of all shapes and sizes and breeds... it truly broke my heart. And then we spotted "Bear".

And that was all she wrote. I fought it. I really did. I didn't want a puppy... but... but... OMG. He is the sweetest, funniest, silliest thing ever. And he attached himself immediately to Bug. He follows her everywhere.

So he is at Pug Manor with a new name. Dozer is adjusting... he is so submissive that Walker walks all over him. He is 23 pounds - yes at 10 weeks - of love and playfulness. His head already comes up to my knees. This boy is gonna be HUGE. We are ALL following him around trying to potty train him. If I say "What are you doing, Walker?" or "Go outside, Walker." one more time I may scream!

Carl is excited. The kids are excited. I'm happy but am still adjusting. I mean, look who is up at 4a.m. to take him outside! The kids said "I'll hear him if he barks." Yeah. Right.


SkippyMom said...

"Yeah right" they'll hear him? Or "yeah right" a 10 week old puppy is going to bark to go out? heehee

He is an absolute doll! And look at that head - he is going to be huge. :) YAY for big doggies! And I like his new name, but he may end up being as big as a "Bear". giggle

Have fun and a thousand congratulations & puppy kisses

Starr said...

Gah! He's so adorable!!!

I have a serious case of puppy fever... and your photos are sooo not helping. :-)

Becky said...

A beautiful pup indeed! Congrats on the baby!